Convention: Redefining health services for the students of UDs

News Actualité  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The MUSEC/UDs, better known with its French acronym as “Mutuelle de solidarité des étudiants du Cameroon- University of Dschang”, signed a convention with AXA Cameroon on the 8thof August 2014 at the Rectorate of the University of Dschang, under the auspices of the Rector of the University of Dschang, Prof. Anaclet Fomethe. This convention had as main objective, to provide better health insurance for the students of the University. AXA Cameroon in line with other district and regional hospitals of the region is poised at providing effective medical services to the students.

During the ceremony, the Rector of the University, Prof. Fomethe, in his opening speech, expressed happiness to preside over the convention and emphasized that, it was the first of its kind for students of the University of Dschang. He said although students were insured by the University after they paid their tuition, no provision was made to cover common illnesses. The Rector added that, the administration were prone to assisting students in case of sudden illness from their pockets which was often at times not easy. Thus the convention was timely and necessary. He stated that, some of the academic and non academic staff of the University are currently benefiting from the services of AXA Cameroon, and encouraged the Student president and delegates of MUSEC/UDs to be steadfast and join in the sensitization of students. Prof. Fomethe lauded the efforts of MUSEC/UDs and encouraged them to do more in improving the student's welfare.

The representative of AXA Cameroon, Mrs. Precede Wouatsa, in her thank you message, said AXA Cameroon is a multinational company across the world that embraces core values such as professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, integrity and team spirit. She reiterated that the health of students is paramount to their studies, thus the convention makes the University of Dschang the pioneer of such an alliance. She frowned at the conception that health insurance was only meant for the rich, and admonished the students to play a key role in spreading the idea of the health insurance package to others. “I want to be judged on the field” the AXA representative added. She noted that, the insurance was made affordable, since AXA has subsidized part of the payment. She stated that, the group (MUSEC/UDs) was a stepping stone in facilitating the convention and advised them, that being insured was one of the criteria of obtaining an international scholarship and admission. She assured the students of consumer guides for better understanding of the insurance package alongside an explanatory session organized for students to create a perfect understanding. Mrs. Wouatsa advised students to shun road side medication as the insurance package provided better health care services.

The chief of service for associations and cultural clubs /UDs, Mr. Lissenne Nguile, during the ceremony, said the initiative to plunge into such a convention was borne out of the need to provide better health care services for the students. Mr. Lissene said, the idea was nurtured since April 2014 and collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education facilitated this partnership with AXA Cameroon. He applauded the efforts of the student delegates for the part played in the convention and admonished them to sensitize the students in all campuses. The President of MUSEC/UDs, Tenekeu Tsane Joel, thanked the Rector for his undivided support and assured him of the efforts of the student delegates in spreading the idea of quality insurance to both new and returning students of the University. The lecture on the convention was read and the convention signed between MUSEC/UDs and AXA Cameroon./PN

UDs/SIC – 10/08/2014

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