Dschang aux JU 2014 à Douala: The medals keep increasing (day 4)

News Actualité  Douala, Littoral, Cameroun
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It was jubilation at the Olympic complex of the University of Douala 1, as once again the University of Dschang athletics contingent showed what they were made up by adding the tally to their already existing medals.UDS grabbed two more gold medals in the 5000m and 400m female category, 2 silver wears in 800m men and Javelin (Paralympics) and bronze in the 800m female category.

Updates show that the UDs male football team would be logging horns with National Polytechnic Bambui, male basketball will sort it out with the University Of Ngoundere as they qualify for the quarter finals. Once more in athletics UDs qualifies for 10,000m male finals, and finals in high jump. In the Paralympics, UDs qualifies for the semi finals in para-tennis. In handball the female team is to affront University of Yaoundé I in the quarter finals. In male volley ball UDs sorts it out with University of Douala, while the female team qualify as second in its poll and are to play UNIY 1.In table tennis, UDs lost in the double men and ladies, but qualified in the single women and men category. In lawn tennis UDs qualifies only in the single women category to the quarter finals. The encounter for the mix, double men and women is yet to take place today 7th may 2014.The traditional fight is also scheduled to take place today.

PN - UDs/SIC - Université de Dschang

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