Fans Club a paradigm of excellence: UDs Fans club electrify Douala during games

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The Fans clubs are the center of attraction in all games; they are the most outstanding athletes during the competition, the most colorful, most energetic, the 12th player in a football match, words might not explain their role but the fact remains that the fans club is the icing on the cake during the University games. The various state, private Universities and higher institutions of learning all have a fans club that animates during and after games. The 20 fans clubs during the 17th edition have over the days proved resilient even under the burning heat offered by the weather of Douala.

University of Dschang students, the initiators of “the fans clubs”

The fans club of the University of Dschang has been distinctive ever since the start of the 2014 Douala games. Dschang is considered to be the initiator of such creative form of team support during games.

It is the first fan club of the state Universities in the country” says Mr. LISSENE Nguile (UDs fans club coordinator).After the introduction of the fans club in the University games, by former Minister of Higher Education, H.E Pr. ATANGANA MEBARA, the University of Dschang had always occupied key positions before the creation of criteria for its assessment was introduced in 2003. From 2007 the UDs fans club has made an emphatic arrival on the podium of excellence. In Ngoundere University games, the UDs fans club won a bronze medal, in 2008; they won a silver wear in Douala during the games. During the memorable University games at the University of Yaoundé I, the University of Dschang occupied 1st position in 2009 and 2010 in the University of Yaoundé II .In Dschang 2011 games UDS fans club were not part of the competition. The 2014 University games thus set the stage for a comeback. “We have not had a distinctive position worthy of our statues, so we arrived here with new ambition to climb the podium of excellence” LISSENE added.

Fans club preparation: the key to success

Fans club during the games
Fans club during the games

The ranking of the fans club will be determined by its daily performances throughout the games and their mastery and presentation of the theme of the day (Thematique). “The UDs/fans clubs have been engaged in serious training and fitness session for the coming days, and support from the UDs community would be key to their success” the Chef SAAC added.

It is obvious that the daily themes for the fans club competition play a key role in this desire to win. The various themes during the 17th Edition of 2014 university games are as follows;

Day1: Preservation of Cameroon's cultural heritage, UDS Fans club clinched first position

Day 2: Civic Education and moral in University milieu, UDs fans club clinched fourth position

Day 3: Caravan against the fight of HIV/AIDS, results yet to be released.

Day 4: Value of Cameroon's cultural inheritance

This competitive discipline as taking a new dimension with ingenuity being brewed in on daily basis by the coordinator Mr. Lissene, there is hope for success. As competition continue the UDs/fans club remains in the radar of clinching a medal to compound their efforts in not only supporting the Dschang contingent, but also entertaining the Douala audience during the games.

Université de Dschang

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