GIE/UDs benefits from C2D subvention: fruit of partnership between Cameroon and France

News Actualité  Ngaoundéré, Adamaoua, Cameroun
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The Economic Interest Group (GIE/UDs) of the University of Dschang on the 12th of August 2015, in Yaoundé benefitted from a financial convention with the PAR- C2D under the framework of the debt relief project between Cameroon and France. The subvention is aimed at developing important sectors for human and animal consumption; promote the results of research to producers, develop high-impact technological innovations, search for innovative production systems and strengthen capacities of producers. Through this convention, the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation will benefit through; improved management on public research in Cameroon and encourage research, oriented at need- based innovative research. Prioritized sectors of PAR- C2D with support from CIRAD include health, forestry, environment, education and research.

The Director GIE/UDs lauds the subvention.

The Director GIE/UDs, Prof Tchamba Martin in his opening speech at the convention stated that the GIE/UDs is fully prepared through their project to reinforce scientific and technical research in Cameroon and be an actor for rural development. He assured the Minister of the GIE project's commitment through the joint effort in overcoming difficulties, synergy of the stakeholders and respect of laid down procedure in line with active cooperation with the private sector. It is worth noting that the government two years ago launched a competitive call for proposals (private industries, enterprise) to develop ideas linked to research institutions. With the GIE being in the private sector its proposal out of 23 nationwide was selected among the 5 approved projects which were scrutinized through three rigorous stages by the French government such as the evaluation of available human resources, the visitation of installation plant, oral presentation of proposals among others.

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