Rector advice staff and students to be patriotic

News Actualité  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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“Your Attitude determines your altitude in life” Pr Fomethe  said this during the “New Year wishes” ceremony that took place at the Amphi 600 of the University of Dschang  on the 4th February during his  thank you speech. The event which was marked by a colorful display of New Year wishes from students, staff, and the university community. The Rector emphasized on the need to key into the New year speeches of the Head of State, President Paul Biya  and Minister of Higher Education ,Pr Jacques Fame Dongo which promulgates the idea of patriotism , self- evaluation, innovation, and professionalization amongst other virtues. Pr Fomethe reiterated that the growth of the University and country in general depends on our attitude towards work. He encouraged students to be steadfast in their academic endeavors while encouraging staff to show more vigour on their job.

He reminded students and staff that developing a positive attitude enhances mutual respect, tolerance, and optimism.He cautioned on proper dress sense and the avoidance of corruption and plagiarism in any form. Adding that proper sanctions have been put in place for defaulters. Advised staff and students to adhere to social ethics in the university.

Analyzing the prospects of this year 2014, He assured staff and student on the eventual completion of infrastructural projects of the University.Pr Anaclet Fomethe took the opportunity to congratulate certain promoted and retired staff of the University.

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