South Korea Offers computerised school library system to Government High School Limbe

News Actualité  Limbé, Sud-Ouest, Cameroun
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The project, which cost FCFA 12 million, was carried out by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Students and staff of the Government High School (GHS) Limbe are currently exposing broad smiles thanks to a project geared towards increasing abilities to access data and information through a computerised school library system.

Henceforth, any book taken out of or returned into the school library will systematically be registered using a computerised code reader system in that institution. Learning too in the school's two computer laboratories will be facilitated thanks to the internet network system put in place coupled with two projectors.

This project is the fruit of 14 months of labour by a South Korean volunteer, Hwang Won-Uk, a specialist in computer sciences. He was dispatched to GHS Limbe in February 2012 by KOICA through the World Friends Korea (WFK) programme. Hwang Won-Uk decided to carry on the project titled; “Computerising School Library/Improving environment of computer laboratory” after he realised that the reading and learning atmosphere in the library was not conducive.

Under the canopy of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the volunteer throughout the one-year-two month period, classified all the text books in the school library into different segment of studies. KOICA through Hwang Won-Uk's proposal, equally donated six laptops, three printers, two code readers, three laminators, many text books of diverse fields of learning and many schoolwork paraphernalia, all valued at FCFA 12 million.

Handing over the facilities to the authorities of GHS Limbe on Friday, October 24, 2014 in the college campus, Mr. Hwang Won-Uk said his desire is that the donations should facilitate the teaching and learning process in that institution. Mrs. Ayompe Haddassah Limunga Mbake, principal of the college was all joy as she received the project.

The Deputy Resident Representative of KOICA, Mr. Noh Dai Young, disclosed to the press that in the days ahead, a number of volunteers from his country will soon arrive Cameroon and their prime focus will be in the Secondary school milieu in the country. The 30 KOICA volunteers working in places like Yaounde, Bamenda, Buea, Limbe and Zima all turned out at the premises of GHS Limbe to salute Mr. Hwang Won-Uk for a job well done.

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