Teaching and Learning for improved Forest governance

News Actualité  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The International House of the University of Dschang will be host for a workshop on Teaching and learning for improved forest governance from the 10th -14th of November 2014, organized by the University of Dschang in partnership with the University of Wolvehampton in England, and Forestry and Rural Development (NGO). The workshop receives over 30 participants from different African countries such as Gabon, DR Congo, Chad, and Cameroon on internship in institutions for the training and management in natural resources (Dschang, Ebolowa, Mbalmayo) as well as lecturers and researchers with less than 5 years of teaching experience.

The aim of this workshop is to train and improve their knowledge in forest governance and areas of specialization in their Universities. Resource persons for the workshop include Dr Aurelian Mbzibain a lecturer in the University of Wolverhampton, Prof Tchamba Martin, Head of Department (Forestry), Prof Tchoumboue Joseph and Saran Thomas. The workshop is geared at improving professionalism of lecturers and quality assurance which today is the pivot of Higher education in Cameroon. This would go a long way to help conserve the forest in the Congo Basin and avoid the destruction of the ecosystem.

The Rector of the University of Dschang, represented by the Vice Rector in charge of Research, Cooperation and Relations with the Business World, Prof Chameni Nembua in his speech expressed satisfaction for such partnership which is aimed at strengthening the workforce of the university. He acknowledged the efforts of the facilitators in improving the University pedagogic system by training the young lecturers and placing the University at the helm of excellence in flora based agriculture. He emphasized that the workshop coincided with the administrative council meeting with the board president, Prof Beban Sammy Chumbow who was at the forefront of the pedagogic training of lecturers and researchers in the Uniersity of Dschang.

He reiterated that such training had recorded success in the institution and there was need for continuity. The Rector welcomed participants and urged them to be dedicated throughout the period so as to add to their wealth of existing knowledge. The Rector indicated that forest governance was of global scientific concern and the diverse background of the participants was vital for the workshop. Prof Chameni stated that their exchange during the workshop will go a long way to strengthen the participants since issues such as forest law enforcement, governance, trade, reducing emission from deforestation, forest degradation, among other topics, would be analyzed.

After the inaugural speech a lecture was delivered by Dr Aurelian Mbzibain to kick start the workshop. There are hopes that the 4-day workshop would enrich participants and students alike in teaching and learning in improved forest governance.

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