The Fan’s Club stuns 2014 games: An era of immeasurable innovation

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It is the first fan club of the state Universities in the country” says Mr. Lissene Nguile, UDs fans club coordinator. The tears of disappointment from the eyes of members of the UDs fans' club during the 16th edition of the University games in Ngoundere have been transformed this time around to tears of joy at the 17th edition as the clinched first position. This crop of athletes has proved their worth throughout the games and at any event in the University environs. Their scintillating moves kept the crowd at the just concluded games ajar as they were obviously incontestably good. Their choreographic display proved nights of undiluted rehearsals, and their costuming was impeccably outstanding during the games.

Eletrifying display of UDs fans club during games
Eletrifying display of UDs fans club during games

Out of the 20 fans club presented during the games, the conspicuous and breathe taking moves of the UDs/fans club could not be unnoticed. History holds that the University of Dschang was the initiator of the fans club at the University games. The University of Dschang had always occupied key positions before the creation of criteria for its assessment was introduced in 2003. From 2007 the UDs fans club has made an emphatic arrival on the podium of excellence. In 2007 at the University games in Ngoundere, the UDs/fans club won bronze; they won a silver wear in Douala during the games of 2008. During the memorable University games at the University of Yaoundé I, the University of Dschang occupied 1stposition in 2009 and 2010 in the University of Yaoundé II. In Dschang 2011 games UDS fans club were not part of the competition. The 2014 University games thus set the stage for a comeback. “We have not had a distinctive position worthy of our statues, so we arrived Douala with new ambitions, to climb the podium of excellence and that we have done”, chef SACC added.

The Rector in his thank you speech at the presentation of medals and trophies lauded the untiring efforts of the fan's club of not giving up after the previous edition, but took it as a challenge to be more creative and win 3rd position in the daily animation theme (animation thematique) and 1stposition in general animation during the games. This satisfactory effort by the fans' club did not go unnoticed, as former VR-CIE, Prof Pauline Fotso donated the sun of 50,000 Fcfa to the fan's club. The UDs fans club in thier display did not only support the Dschang contingent, but also entertained the Douala audience during the games.

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