University Games 2015: PREPARATION HEIGHTENS

News Actualité  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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As the count-down towards the University games draws near, preparations by athletes of University of Dschang in the various sporting disciplines have intensified. This phase of preparations involves mostly outstanding athletes selected during the Rector's cup to represent the institution. This period before the competition is very crucial as the coaches of the 19 sporting disciplines are maximizing efforts to transfer their competencies to the young athletes. In and around the campus, training sessions begin as early as 6 a.m. The ambiance of the preparations vibrates around the training ground and catches the attention of students as they watch in admiration the performance of their fellow mates.. The various disciplines like handball, judo and basketball athletes who had been having friendly matches in Douala, Bamenda and Yaoundé back in the campus. These training sessions have given the coaches the opportunity to assess the level of preparedness of their teams and also helped dish out techniques to enable the contestants develop a spirit of competiveness.

More excitement and joy can even be felt as the 30 animators of the fans club, chosen for the competition are mounting up preparations in the cultural domain. Thrilling sounds of drums can be heard giving the pace of dance steps for these champions in choreography. The other aspects of the cultural domain like general animation open challenge, Miss and the themes surrounding the animation. The Chef SACC/UDs, Mr. Lissene Andre who has been coordinating the rehearsals is optimistic that the University of Dschang will maintain its top position come May 2015 at Yaoundé 1.

Though the date for the competition has been pushed forward to run from the 24th- 31st of May, this will have little effect on the athletes. Special training sessions have been re-organised to keep athletes fit for the competition. For the lapses and hitches observed so far, the Rector Prof. Anaclet Fomethe and his organizing committee headed by Mr.EbendengValère, Director of student's Welfare are putting all in place to ensure that the athletes are adequately equipped to amass more medals than witnessed in the previous years. As the preparations continue, there is optimism that the University of Dschang will return from the games with more trophies come May.


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