17th edition of the University games: Presentation of trophies and medals

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The euphoria at the Dschang University auditorium brought back fresh memories of the just concluded University games which took place at the economic capital Douala from the 3rd to the 10th May, 2014. The ceremony of the presentation of medals and trophies of the epic 17th edition of the games which was presided over by the Rector of the University of Dschang, Prof. Anaclet Fomethe had in attendance, key officials of the University community, management, athletes, students, and the press among others. The atmosphere which was clouded with ambiance from the very innovative fan club and University choir to the admiration of the audience was appreciated by the Director in charge of student's welfare (DCOU), Mr. Ebendeng Ondo Valere in his opening remarks. He reiterated the commitment of the athletes in their quest for success and hope for a bright sporting future for the University. The DCOU expressed delight in the medals and trophies won by the athletes during the games and used the opportunity to thank management, the athletes, coaches and supporters for their input during and after the games. He assured the Rector, that ongoing preparation for the 2015 (18th edition) of the university games are already underway. It is worth noting that the University of Dschang clichéd a total of 22 medals (9 gold, 4 silver, 9 bronze).

Le Recteur de l'UDs, le Préfet de la Menoua et le Sous-préfet de Dschang pausent avec les médaillés
Le Recteur de l'UDs, le Préfet de la Menoua et le Sous-préfet de Dschang pausent avec les médaill

Triumphal presentation of athletes to the Rector

The chief of Division of sports and associative Activities (DASA), Mr. Djoum Kammogne Richard popularly referred to as the coach of coaches followed suit with the presentation of the winning contingent to the satisfaction of the crowd after the national flag was handed over to the Rector by the 5000 meters female gold medalist, Nguelifack Stephanie. Mr. Kammogne gave a detailed breakdown of medals won at the University games as follows: nine bronze medals in the respective disciplines, (High Jump (men), 800meters (women) Judo (individuals), Paralympics sports (heavy weigh women, para-tennis men, dynamophily (women); four silver wears in athletics, judo, double women tennis and paralympics sports; nine gold medals in athletics [1500m (men), 400m (women),5000m (women)], judo, single women tennis, fight and basketball. Last year, double medalist, Nguy Caroline Axelle emerged best tennis player of the tournament. The occasion also witness presentation of fans club who occupied first position in general animation at the games, coaches, and management and communication team to the Rector.

Rector lauds the efforts of athletes and staff

Obsession for Innovation has paid off”, Prof. Anaclet Fomethe exclaims. The Rector in his thank you message extended appreciation to all athletes and management team that made the 17th edition of the games a success. In his poetic speech, he described the University's winning spirit as a solid foundation for sports in general. He lauded the efforts of the technical coaches, medical team for their high level of professionalism in handling the athletes during the games. Prof Fomethe cited certain athletes like Nguy Caroline and Nguelifack Stephanie among others who distinguished themselves during the games and advised upcoming athletes to emulate them. He described the victory at the games as that of the entire university community and highlighted that it was high time individuals wrote their history in the success book of the University. He enjoined athletes to share positive values, the winning mentality and also excel in their respective academic endeavours.

The Rector cautioned staff and students to be security conscious and advised them on their individual and collective responsibility. He admonished them to report any suspicious case to the authorities and emphasized on campus security. He used the occasion to sound a warning to some illegal motorist plying in the university campus, and assured that, steps were being put in place to avert such situations. The Technical Adviser to the Rector, Prof Carl Ebobisse gave the basketball team the sum of one hundred and twenty thousand francs (120,000).Guest, Athletes and staff was thrilled to a dinner at the University restaurant as bonuses were paid to all athletes as instructed by the Rector.

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