2014-2015 academic year begins: Academic activities kick off in earnest at the university campus

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The Academic year has already kicked off in the eight State universities around the country. From every indication, the take-off has so far been hitch-free thanks to major innovations undertaken by more industrious rectors and vice-chancellors under the watchful supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. The decentralized payment of tuition through money transfer agencies, online registration, introduction of more professional courses and boosting of infrastructure amongst other laudable initiatives, has paved the way for a brighter start.

October 7th 2014 set as the reopening day for the 2014/2015 academic year at the University of Dschang has witnessed the influx of fresh students into various faculties of the University. Visiting the campus of the University, it was obvious that a new school year is on session as students, lecturers, motorist filled the entrance way into the University. Reports from campus aim not only to measure the ambiance of the reopening but also take stock of major innovations set in motion. The Inter campus transit buses of the university and motorist have swung into action as students can be seen using this means of transport to meet up with classes at the Campus. Some students express their emotions during the commencement of the academic year although others were yet to acquire all they needed for studies.

A host of students could be seen at the faculties' secretariat anticipating to copy the timetable. “We are yet to commence lecture, I hope to put in my best throughout my stay here” Bongla Doris (Year 1 Student FLSH). “ It's a new experience , being independent and in a tertiary institution like the UNIVERSITY of Dschang has always been my dream, I can't wait to start lectures ,make new friends and excel academically in the field I like so much” Mbong Divine(Faculty of Law) .

Students can also be noticed trying to locate lecture halls where some lectures are ongoing. Lecturers on their part are preparing to plunge into the new academic year as they gear up to commence lectures. The atmosphere around the campus is exciting as business centers, restaurants, communication services and other activities are taking precedents to the commencement of the new school year. Registration is still ongoing and it is obvious that the number of students admitted into the University of Dschang will increase.

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