2014/2015 Re-sit examination kicks off: The pulse at UDs

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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UDs students at the resit examination
UDs students at the resit examination

The ambiance at the University environs has been steaming with students from all directions of the national territory. The reason for the mad rush by the students is in preparation for the September 2015 re-sit examination which is an opportunity to catch up for the courses failed during the 1st and 2nd semester examinations.

The entrance to the campus is flooded with business activities such as printing and photocopying of relevant notes to aid in the preparation. In the University campus, the atmosphere is rather calm as students can be seen preparing individually while some form clusters of studying and tutorial groups. Through this, they are putting all in place to permit them move to the next academic level. It is worth noting that all the Faculties of the University are set for the forth-coming re-sit examinations. Examination time tables, writing halls and the list of invigilators for the various courses have been published.

The busy and crowded nature of the various faculties of the University is not owed only to the re-sit examinations but also to graduating students who need to obtain certified copies of their transcripts to aid them compile documents for the various forth coming competitive examinations.

Before the effective commencement of the 2015/2016 academic year, students must have proven their worth through the results obtained during this examination to confidently boast of moving to the next level. Solomon Mbuh a final year student of the Faculty of Law says “it is an opportunity for me to catch up with courses I failed so as to finally obtain my degree”. Many express preparedness to affront the examination, “I am 75% prepared and hoping to excel during the examination” Ndalipang Solange N, level III student, Biochemistry, Faculty of Science. Although some of the students are undergoing their internship programme now, Beojustov Esseng Glawdys a level II student of the Faculty of Law is confident “Despite the on-going internship I hope to do my best”. Agnes .T of the Faculty of law “I am putting in a lot of concentration to be able to come out with flying colours”.

As the re-sit commences on the 2nd September 2015, we can only wish good luck to those writing, hoping that they make proper use of the academic opportunity. /RN

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