Exquisite Exposition: FASA organizes Open Door Day

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) as part of its educating mission, organized a 5 day open door activity at the esplanade of the Campus A under the theme “Entreprenariat et Agriculture Familial Pour un développementrural Efficient”.

A visit to the stands shows prove of the potentials of these students as they showcased different aspects of their studies. Products on agricultural residue and the protection of ecological system were presented by ACREST “Centre Africaines des technologies Appropries et des energies nouvelles et renouvelable”. With the bid to discourage deforestation, alternative methods of preserving wood in the form of coal from agricultural residue were also displayed. The Zoo-technical stand provides vital information on the production and preservation of animals, with emphasis on beef and milk quality. The PNVRA ‘Program for the popularization of Agricultural researches' exhibited books in the agricultural field to encourage the students and public interested in areas on agricultural research. Other organizations at the exhibition, included MINADER, C2D-AFOP program, specialized in offering training in animal husbandry and fishery among others. A nursery containing improved mango, pear and other plant species alongside the forestry sector which presented accessories and some non-timber products like cocoa butter among others. The Department of Rural engineering displayed a water filter which uses solar energy to be powered with a range of mechanical built water filters.

Students from FASA and other departments could be seen streaming in to discover these products. A gastronomic section is available for those who want to have a taste of some Cameroonian dishes. There is no doubt that as days go by, they venue will pull a more students as more stands are being mounted.

The five day activity scheduled from the 15th to the 20th of June was made possible thanks to its partners PNDP, Nextell, Express Exchange, CNPS among other sponsors .This exposition will definitely meet the expectations of the Faculty as it unfolds./GC

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