Second semester exams begin: All is set

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The students of most Faculties of the University are currently writing their second semester exams. These exams which mark the end of the second semester are very crucial as they will determine the fate of the student's academic career.

UDs students check on timetable
UDs students check on timetable

A visit at the campus shows students intensively studying in groups under tree shades and in classrooms all in the bid to maximize their chances of success at the end of the exams. As the exams are going on, results of different assignments and tests are being pasted on the boards. This has been of high interest for the students as it will guide them on what courses to focus on during the exams.

Generally it is an intensive atmosphere of studying at the campus. Apart from some students who failed to pay in their second semester fee on time, all registered students are currently writing the exams and there is hope that the results will reflect the intensive academic work which the lecturers have offered.GC.

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