The Rector receives New Year wishes from University Community

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The staff, students, and the University Community of the University of Dschang today 4th of February 2014 at the Amphi 600 took turns at wishing the Rector of the University Of Dschang, Prof Anaclet Fomethe Happy New Year wishes.

This colorful event which commenced by 12 noon. He made known numerous measures put in place for the year 2014 that would improve students and staff welfare such as the completion of an Amphi 1000, water supply, ,  construction of more laboratories at the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences, solar panel illumination in the Institute of Fine arts in Founbam, and construction of a pedagogic block at the University Institute of technology Fotso Victor in Bandjoun , completion of two  350 amphitheaters and 40 offices for lectures, rehabilitation of the antennes of Belabo, Bambui, Maroua, Yoaunde-Nkolbison and Ebolowa are ongoing  amongst other laudable project.

The Strategic plan of the University takes 3 dimension; Rural development, modern pedagogic methods put in place, and dense infrastructural development. In 2018 it is hoped that the University would boast over 10,000 sq km for infrastructural development, such as well equipped laboratories, embark on financial support for research and publication PHD level. This comes as a response to the grievances presented the University Community through the Secretary General, Pr Isabelle Edande Abolo. During her speech enumerated some difficulties of staff and students ranging from insufficient offices, proper internet connections, few lecture halls available, intensify practical, provision of the work study programme throughout the year amongst others

The year 2013

The secretary General of the UDs gave a salient report of the past years on the achievements of the University of Dschang. On the social plan she noted the demise of five staff and a number of students. On the academic domain, the academic staff were relatively satisfied at the achievements obtained, such as new professional disciples were introduced in the various faculties. Over 60 academic staff received promotion and subvention has continued to be offered in the field of research. The University has also been able to launch online registration, making it easy for registration into the university nationwide.

In the field of cooperation, the university has signed partnership with universities of different countries.

The university has proven its stand point in the cultural and sporting domain. The secretary General reiterated the 1st position occupied by the university at the 2013 edition National University Festival of Arts and culture and the trophy won at the international dancing Competition by the Institute Of Fine Arts of Foumban.

Pr Marthe Isabelle Edande Abolo reminded staff and students to be committed ethical in their endeavors .She frowned at absenteeism, exam mal practice fraud, insubordination, plagiarism amongst other vices,  warning that stringent measures was put in place for offenders.

Université de Dschang

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