UDs - First training seminar: Stepping stone for Non-academic staff

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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The non-academic staff of the University of Dschang turned out in great numbers for a training seminar at the University Auditorium on the 26th March 2015. In this forum workers were briefed on resolutions adopted during seminars previously attended by some authorities of the institution. Being the first of its kind, the speakers for the day who included the Rector, the DAAPA/UDs, the General coordinator for delegates and other authorities from the Ministry of Public works had a rich package of information which was aimed at enabling the staff understand their duties and obligations so as to help them become more committed.

The Rector, Prof. Anaclet Fomethe who presided over the occasion was glad that the seminar came to complement that of lecturers and students which had existed before. He said the aspects of joint committee and discipline which was part of the agenda was of prime importance as they were needed to ensure that the university sails in the boat towards success.

The panelist in the course of the five hour seminar, shared the notions about conditions for promotion, reclassification, discipline, the worker's relationship with the support staff, their rights and obligations etc, which were key information gotten from the seminars held at Ebolowa, Bafoussam and Yaoundé. Far from being dictatorial tools as was the thought of many, The DAAPA/UDs, Dr. Timtchueng Moise assured the non-academic staff that advocacy role had been played and that decisions derived during the seminars were protective measures for staff, all aimed at proper administrative governance. He praised the University staff for their great job both in an out of the university which had permitted the institution to maintain its top position.

The numerous questions and contributions from participants after the various exposes revealed their interest on the topics raised. They pleaded that such seminars be held more often. To that, the general coordinator of Delegates Mr. Nawossi Etienne announced a re-launch of their activities. At the end of the seminar, the feeling of satisfaction could be felt from the non-academic staff of the University of Dschang who are armed with information that would empower them to ensure the smooth running of the University. GC

Read the Interview with the General Coordinator of Delegates of the University of Dschang, Mr NAWOSSI ETIENNE

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