UDs: Start of second semester exams – Finishing touches

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In pursuit of excellence, the entire University of Dschang community has been thrown into an atmosphere of absolute serenity and concentration, as the second semester exams for undergraduate students kicks off today, 30th June till 19th July 2014. It is the time for students of the University of Dschang to dot their i's and cut their t's as they prepare for the start of exams. The aura of the University campus has been transformed over the week as students have been sinking their heads into their books, organizing catch-up classes, revising notes and past questions, to fill the academic loopholes they have been facing, before confronting their exams.

A vivid patrol of the campus leads one to witness the presence of students at all corners of the University, either individually or in groups, preparing for the forth-coming examinations. Some students can also be found queuing up to pay their school fees meet the deadline, otherwise they shall not be allowed to sit for the exams. The pressure to meet up with the academic calendar is bearing fruit as lecturers are proud to have finished the course work for the second semester exams and focus now is on supervising and invigilation of exams.

Preparedness, the key to success

The road to success is paved with hard work; it is obvious that only those who, over time, have prepared effectively to affront the exams by having good test result, will succeed. Tireless efforts at the library and research in various domains will definitely pay off for those students who have been steadfast. As the heat escalates, the prepared student is rest assured to mount the podium of success and will definitely shun all forms of exam malpractices during this period.

Some students share their views as they anticipate this period:

“I think the only way for me to succeed is to prepare before hand, and I have done just that. I am ready for the exams and I think I will do well to move to level three”( Divine Agim, level 2 student of Economics).

“We are doing group reading and answering past questions to keep ourselves equipped before the exams and we hope that our efforts would not be in vain” (Linda Itanghi, level 3 student of Geography).

Students could be seen loitering around their various Departments to know their examination timetable, their various examination halls, and to ascertain if their names and registration numbers are properly written.

Exams at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management kick off today, and it is expected that all other Faculties should continue suit. We can only wish the students of the University of Dschang best of luck as they climb the ladder of success through their concerted efforts during the exam period.

PN - Dschang, UDs/SIC – 01/06/2014 - University of Dschang

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