University Games over: Academic atmosphere returns on Campus

News Sur les Campus  Dschang, Ouest, Cameroun
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Normalcy has returned to the University of Dschang after the recently concluded University games that took place in the commercial capital of Cameroon from the 3rd to 10 of May 2014. After a well deserved position, the atmosphere clouding the University of Dschang has been serene with work as usual; students can be seen attending classes, likewise lecturers going on with their day to day activities. The academic calendar is being followed religiously, as undergraduate and post graduate programs are unfolding as expected. Activities in the various Faculties such as cultural week is adding the ambiance in the campus as different departments are displaying various themes to commemorate their week.

Academic activities are springing up as usual, as some competitive entrance examinations to enter certain Institutes, discipline, and faculties will soon be written. It is obvious that the academic atmosphere has found its rhythm after the games and the numerous holiday breaks and more is expected from both students and lecturers to meet up with the academic calendar in attainting excellence.

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