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A new company developing a state of the art online travel and tourism business needs the services of dynamic individuals capable of effectively collecting specific

tourism-related information. Such individuals should advisably be good communicators with effective oral and writing skills in English and/or French.

Selected candidates shall be required to provide information on travel and tourism-related service providers and touristic attractions from any region accessible to them within Cameroon. Such service providers and touristic

attractions can include, but are not limited to Hotels, motels, very popular restaurants, clubs (of arts and culture, sporting clubs, musical clubs, etc.),

museums, traditional palaces, historical buildings, parks, game reserves, zoos, large fishing ponds, theaters, cinemas,

cultural festivities (dances, sacrifices, coronations, etc.), historical sites, magnificent natural and man-made sights, relaxation spots (beaches, pools, spas, etc.), travel and tour guides,

horse ranches, artifact shops, etc. Submitted information shall be in the form of short articles (less than 500 words), with at least one high quality picture

included. Information gotten online shall not be considered; applicants should

expect to gather information from tangible sources. Any further relevant information, including the format for writing these articles as well as the type of picture to be included, shall be communicated to successful applicants.

Payment shall be negotiable.

Application Modalities

Applicants should submit a motivation letter and a résumé via email to the following address:


The Founder,

Wonderful Cameroon (Wonderoon)

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