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The Network Rollout Project Manager will be the primary contact for the project delivery in a Network roll-out and/or IT systems integration environement.

Responsabilities include, but not limited to:
· Take responsability for the Delivery Project,

General Description:

Rollout Manager is responsible for managing and coordinating of all the necessary processes in the Build phase of the project which is typical for generating and implementing the workflows. The most important task is to manage the project actively and to coordinate from the inception to execution.

Rollout Manager should have an understanding of technical solution delivered to the customer and is involved in the transition from ordering through to acceptance.

Job description:

  • Solid knowledge of GSM site build environment
  • Good knowledge of Project management: PMI (advantage) • Negotiates effectively with immediate and cross- functional team Members
  • Organizational skills
  • Allocation of work among involved parties
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Writing of project- related documentation
  • Clearly communicates project results to project team
  • The ability to interact on the phone with the customers and their peers
  • Proactive approach and self- confidence
  • Manage realistic project, quality and risk plans,
  • Lead projects through a complete lifecycle,
  • Control team performance,
  • Control of resources and costs against the project budget,
  • Ensure that all projects are accepted and closed by the customer,
  • Provide completed documentation,
  • Provide a feedback on projects team members.

Job Qualification/ Expérience

  • 4-5 years experience in the telecommunications field,
  • 2-3 years experience as Project Manager with network upgrades and rollouts,

Deadline to submit the resume: 20th June 2014 at 05: 00 pm

We are located at Bonanjo in front of heartquater SGBC : HERTZ is the name of the structure

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