Looking for an Editor-in-Chief for its magazine

Recrutement Offres d'emplois  Buea, Sud-Ouest, Cameroun
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NJIOH INVESTMENT GROUP a Buea based investment management company is looking for an Editor-in-Chief for its magazine.

The editor-in-chief is the person who works with the business, marketing and sales departments to set the editorial direction of the magazine.

He works with the business executives to create an editorial vision, or brand, that creates an audience attractive to advertisers, if the magazine relies primarily on advertising for revenue.

An editor-in-chief is responsible for creating attractive audiences, more so than quality content.

To do this, he must deliver content that attracts a specific demographic -- especially if the magazine derives significant income from subscriptions -- but the end result must be delivering the right circulation.

The editor-in-chief then communicates the business goals of the organization to the other editors and writers, helping to plan editorial calendars.


At least a degree in Journalism
Knowledge in finance and investing will be an added advantage
Characteristics we are looking for
High personal/scientific standards
Highly respected for his/her science
Active in research
Previous editorial experience, especially in a decision-making capacity·
Wide knowledge of subject and those working in it
Liked and highly respected among peers, including international community
Energetic and committed
Excels in interpersonal communications
Effective and positive communicator
Ability to create and communicate vision
Strong time-management skills
Strong leader, good sense of teamwork
Ability to work effectively with diverse viewpoints and approaches
Effectively delegates responsibility
Respects confidential information
Cooperative and open-minded
Effectively resolves misunderstandings
Firm decision-maker
Promptly and effectively follows through
Explores and embraces innovative technologies
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Njioh Investment Group Plc

FAISSON II Building Complex. Opp. Police Station,

P.O. Box 1565, Molyko, Buea

Tel: 243 28 16 88


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