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Position: Microsoft Office Specialist

Period: February 22nd trough Monday 7th March 2016

Technical Requirements

  • You will need to know the features of Office 2016 and have it installed on your testing computer*.
  • Get certified through the Microsoft Exam official test that we are organizing ( You will receive your certification from Microsoft)
  • Our testing Center or sub Center will need to have the newest version of Console 8 installed on their compute An update for Console 8 will be release on Monday, February 22nd at 10:00 MST time. Please make sure you have enough time for this update before you schedule and start testing.


  • Exam Duration / Time Limit: 120 minutes
  • Exams are available in English only
  • Free exams vouchers for the first 10 candidate and 20 $ exam fees for others (with 01 free retake exam if the failed).
  • Instruct candidates to thoroughly review the exam tutorial as this is a brand new exam format


  • Need to have good familiarity with Word & Excel 2013 / 2010
  • Although we would like the candidates to be familiar with Office 2013, this is not mandatory
  • Betas are designed to capture the test candidate's first experience with an exam so candidates should only take each exam once
  • Candidate Profile and Skills Measured for each exam are pasted/listed below

Incentives Valid upload between Monday February 22nd through Wednesday March 2nd

  • For candidates, if the candidate passes the exam after it is rescored, they will receive a certification as if they took the production exam. Results to be provided within 6-8 weeks of the close of bet


  • Candidates are asked to complete the feedback at the end of the exam from their testing experience
  • Please have your test candidates complete the feedback from each question if marked for feedbac
    • Attached in the email are the steps for marking tasks for feedb


Candidates are asked to register their application just by sending a mail to Edith Yollande Kamtchoum ( )

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