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A54 marketing group is a start up marketing firm base in Douala. We are involve in marketing and promoting of businesses within and out of Cameroon.

We are currently looking for an extremely dedicated and experienced market research expert

Job description 1

  • Field work: collect full data of custom duties of all types of goods that enters Cameroon (electronics, cars, machinery, secondhand clothes etc)
  • Identify areas to find wholesalers and retailers of various products in Cameroon, make a list of their contact information.
  • List of all major radio and TV stations in Cameroon and classify them according to their number of viewers, city, age etc.
  • List of all major universities in Cameroon and classify them according their number of students, city, language, type of programs offered etc.
  • A report about Cameroon: doing business in Cameroon, GDP, middle class, major densely populated regions and sparsely populated regions.
  • Identification of major Charity organizations and NGO's in Cameroon
  • Identification and analyzing of major events in Africa/Cameroon: sporting events (e.g
    university games, football league etc), Trade fairs, music concerts etc.


  • Analytical and critical skills, knowledge of current issues in Cameroon/Africa
  • Excellent Presentation skills
  • Word, excel and PowerPoint
  • Project management
  • Bilingual (Fr & Eng)


  • Bachelor or Masters Degree in a marketing or business related field
  • Experience is an added advantage, team player……


  • Mobil phone + call credit
  • Trial period for 3months with possibility of a contract after 3months
  • Time: 9am-5pm
  • Work days: Monday to Friday

Place: Douala

Travel within and out of Douala (expenses will be covered by company)

Salary is negotiable

Bonus for astounding performance

Please send you CV, Cover letter and salary expectation to

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