Marketing/ Sales Agent in Education

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Marketing/ Sales Agent in Education

Job Purpose:

We are an education and skills training institution, offering online courses with live instructors to professionals and students during the week, and onsite on weekends. Visit to see our courses and to know more about our company VECADEMY.

Your job will be to learn about what we do, market and sell our courses to students, individuals or companies- your success on the job is based on how many students you enroll into our programs and short courses. These professional training vary between 8 weeks and 6 months depending on the course. All online resources are provided to our students as well as access to their instructors…

You will be responsible for researching and developing various marketing strategies for our programs, and your responsibility will be to implement marketing plans and work to meet sales quotas, track marketing and sales data and identify areas of improvement. This job is purely commission- base.

Skills and Qualifications:

HND, BTS, Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Business or a Related Field, Customer Service, Client Relationships, Interpersonal Communication, Marketing Strategies, Product Development, Creativity, Financial Strategy, Data Tracking, Written and Verbal Communication, Organization, Planning, Research and Analysis, People Management, Leadership. Fluent in English and French, comfortable speaking with people, polite, and enthusiastic.

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