Technical Trainer for Agri-business Development

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Position: Part-Time Technical Trainer for Agri-business Development

Due Date: July 04, 2014

Contract Dates: August – Nov, 2014


Pre-training Research: Conduct Pre-training Research to prepare task analyses, identify resources, and clarify training goals with Peace Corps staff.

Program Design: Review the DOW (Description of Work) and training plans from past PST cycles. With guidance from the Training Team, prepare the technical training objectives, instructional plans and materials and evaluation instruments for use within the CBT (Community-Based Training) model.

Training: Deliver technical training, including: practical instructions; classroom activities; field trips; supervision of trainee TDAs (Trainee Directed Activities) and other field work; assistance to Trainees in preparation of projects; individual assistance to Trainees.

Trainee Qualification/Assessment: Assess trainee progress toward meeting technical training objectives and achieving suitability for Volunteer service. As instructed by the Training Officer, provide written documentation of individual Trainee progress and participate in scheduled feedback sessions.

Program Integration: Participate as a team member with Language and Cross-culture Trainers and Coordinators to plan and conduct sessions that bring together all areas of the PST curriculum. Assist with management of all situations that may arise and in implementation of integrated curriculum training as appropriate (including such areas as Communication, Cross-Cultural and American Diversity, Personal Safety and Emotional and Physical well-being, RVID, Technical, and PC policies).

Assigned Companies: Supervise trainees in assigned companies, provide coaching and feedback, and evaluate Trainees' facilitation and presentation skills.

Technical Language Training: Collaborate with the language training staff to determine the technical content of the competency-based language curriculum.

In-Service Training: Participate as needed in design and delivery of ISTs

Reports and Documentation: Prepare and submit to the Training Officer tri-weekly progress reports and the end-of-training (EOT) report on the technical component. In the EOT report include a description of the program, recommendations for improvement, a written session plan for each training session, and copies of all handouts used. Prepare all required Trainee assessment documentation and program evaluation reports.

Special Needs Program: Participate in the design and delivery of technical training activities for advanced French speakers, technically skilled Trainees, and other participants with special needs.

Volunteer Support: Serve as an advisor for Trainees. Homestay Intermediary: Visit families of assigned Trainees on a regular basis to facilitate communication and to monitor the experience with respect to cross-cultural adaptation and language acquisition, to advise Trainees about the experience, and to alert site coordinator and other training staff to potential problems.

Other: Perform other duties as necessary and assigned by Training Officer for the efficient functioning of the training project.


  • University degree (at least MSc or equivalent) in agriculture, farm business, rural entrepreneurship, ag-economy, socio-economy and related field;
  • Demonstrated skills in applying experiential and adult learning methodology.
  • Demonstrated ability to make presentations comfortably in front of a variety of groups in both French and English.
  • Experience working in cross-cultural settings and familiarity with diversity of American and Cameroonian culture.
  • Demonstrated ability and skills in supporting others and giving/receiving feedback.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively within a team.
  • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and in a rural community.
  • Demonstrated written and computer skills to include writing training reports.
  • Knowledge of the Micro Financial Institutions in Cameroon and COBAC (Communauté Bancaire de l'Afrique Centrale) accounting system as well as OHADA (Organisation pour l'Harmonisation du Droit des Affaires en Afrique).
  • Knowledge of the informal business sector; knowledge of doing business in Cameroon

To Apply:If interested, please address a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae together with three references capable of attesting to your work performance to:

Country Director, Peace Corps B.P 215 Yaoundé

You may instead email your application to indicate "Ag-business Tech Trainer" in the subject line.No telephone calls or personal visits. All documents, including your telephone number must be received prior to July 04, 2014. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by telephone.

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