The U.S. Mission is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Political Assistant

Recrutement Offres d'emplois  Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroun
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The U.S. Mission in Yaounde, Cameroon is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Political Assistant. This position is located in Yaounde, Cameroon.

The closing date for this position is April 11, 2015, at 16:00.

Note: all “NOT ordinarily resident applicants must have the required work and/or residency permits to be eligible for consideration.


Under the direct supervision of the Political Officer, the incumbent acts as the in-office local expert on Cameroonian politics and society. Duties include: internal political analysis, external relations analysis, human rights promotion, outreach/contact development, and biographical reporting.


EDUCATION: A Bachelor's degree in Political Science, International Relations or other relevant course of study is required.

EXPERIENCE: At least three years of experience in an international institution or any organization that executes international programs/policy (e.g. NGO, IO, or Embassy), including at least one year of political reporting, is required.

LANGUAGE: Level IV (Fluency) Speaking/Reading/Writing English and French are required. (This will be tested.)

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: The incumbent should have the ability to analyze and process political and economic issues and inter-related political, economic, and social forces/events at work in-country and how they relate to U.S. foreign policy, as well as how they will affect the host country and U.S. foreign policy objectives in the near- and long-term. The applicant should have the ability to evaluate and analyze data for the preparation of reports for submission to the Department; determine relevance/truth of materials; develop, maintain, manage and organize an extensive range of high-level and mid-level contacts within and outside of the country; independently draft concise, factual and useful reports; plan and manage regular, independent research projects that are relevant to section needs and submit the final results of independent projects to section officers. The incumbent should have the adaptability andability to manage multiple projects at once, while staying on-task; complete tasks accurately in an expedient manner; and deal with local government authority with tact and diplomacy. The applicant must have excellent communication skills to be able to get sensitive information. (This will be tested.)

JOB KNOWLEDGE: The applicant must have a good understanding of Cameroonian political, economic, and diplomatic practices; including social and government structures, institutions, political parties, historical development, key problem areas, and major political figures. The applicant must be knowledgeable of the customs and cultures of Cameroon.

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities for Political Assistant

Internal Political Analysis: 35%

The incumbent under the supervision of the Political Officer:

  • Aids the Political Specialist in research, writing cables, writing speeches, and preparing annual reports on human rights, internal politics, and other political issues, providing the Political-Economic Section the information and tools it needs to further U.S. Government foreign policy objectives in Cameroon;
  • Researches and drafts cables on persons, institutions, and events related to political affairs in Cameroon;
  • Facilitates ongoing contact and relationship building with public officials and civil society actors;
  • Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of the legal and institutional framework of the country;
  • Under the direction of the Political Officer and the Political Specialist, participates in compiling first drafts of reports on complex issues, including annual reports such as Human Rights, Trafficking in Persons, Child Labor, International Religious Freedom reports, and other reports as necessary;
  • Assists with electoral processes, including strategy, setting goals, training, and outreach.

External Relations Analysis: 20%

  • Observe and create reports on Cameroon's relations with the United States, third countries and Cameroon activities in regional and international institutions, such as the UN and CEMAC, as directed by the officers. Analyze the foreign relations implications of broader Cameroonian policy and events. Forecast probable future developments based on existing political/social trends. Assist political specialist in advising officers on these matters.

Human Rights Promotion: 15%

Maintains case files and updates on an ongoing basis. Submits regular reports to officers on latest human rights cases and events.

Outreach/Contact Development: 17%

  • Under the direction of the Political Specialist, establish, develop and maintain contacts at the senior- and mid-level with government, political parties, unions, territorial administration/police, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and key private citizens. Know whom to contact to obtain needed information when the Political Specialist is absent.
  • Complete preparatory documents for regional familiarization trips. Prepare the groundwork plan, talking points and contacts for official trips. Advise on protocol procedures as needed. Accompany officers or official visitors on regional visits. Assist with the communication of U.S. policies to local officials and organizations. Select and advise on appropriate meeting selections. Schedule meetings and follow up to verify attendance. Act as note taker. Later prepare reports using and incorporating related policy materials.
  • Schedule meetings for officers. Escort officers to demarches in the Ministry of External Relations and other government agencies. Provide officers with introductions to host government officials, parties', trade unions' NGOs leaders. In advance of any meeting, prepare and provide biographical notes and formulates points/questions for discussion. Act as note taker and prepare report following meeting.
  • With the Political Specialist, recommends events for Embassy staff to attend.
  • Represent the Embassy at events as requested. Uses these occasions as an opportunity to establish new contacts and communicate U.S. policy.
  • Develops and contributes to guest lists.

Biographical reporting: 12%

  • Work under the direction of the Political Specialist to gather biographical and personnel information on persons of interest to the U.S. Government. Include analyses of subject's background, position and actions.
  • Build and maintain unclassified biographical files, including starting new files at direction of officers or Political Specialist and writing biographical and spot reports. Identify and track career development of potential national figures in the making.

Verify reports or translations completed by the translator or other section staff. 1%


Interested candidates for this position must submit the following documents to the Human Resources Office, P.O. Box 817, Yaoundé OR via email at: (please, indicate the title of the position on the “subject”: line) electronic applications are strongly encouraged.

  1. Universal application for employment (DS-174) available online at; or A current resume or curriculum vitae that provides the same information found on the DS-174
  2. Any additional documentation that supports or address the requirements listed above(e.g. transcripts, degrees, etc.)

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