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Term of Reference

The World Wide Fund for Nature seeks a Consultant to facilitate a media training workshop on standards and tools in the extractive, agro-industries and forestry sectors.

Context and Justification

There is a growing need to harness the vital role of the press and media in raising the consciousness of the population towards environmental stewardship and sustainable development. As Conservation based organization, WWF is looking forward developing the capacity for a new generation of journalists and media professionals who are aware of the linkages and impact of local and global actions. Such capacity building contributes to bridge the gap between scientific and policy discourse.
Cameroon is engaged in a pathway of becoming an emerging economy by 2035 and she is relying very much on exploiting its rich undersoil with numerous minerals some of which are considered world class reserves. The exploitation of these minerals shall also be accompanied by the development of associated infrastructures to facilitate transportation of these minerals from their remote locations to the ports. A good example is the plan to construct a 500 km railway line from the southeast region to the mineral terminal at the Kribi deep seaport. This railway once completed shall transport iron ore from Nabeba in Congo and Mbalam in Cameroon, two permits currently held by CamIron S.A.
WWF is organizing a 3 day training workshop for Cameroon's media practitioners on the different applicable tools in the extractive, agro-industries and forestry sectors, necessary to help them improve their coverage of these sectors with regard to environment, human rights, financing arrangements and conservation. It is hoped that this training shall serve as an opportunity for journalists to sharpen their skills to effectively cover the sectors and address social, economic and political dimensions of these sectors while addressing the conservation and environmental issues that underpin the sectors. Some of the areas to be covered during this training from a media perspective are how to ensure that journalists build and sell the environmental story with professionalism, accuracy and impartiality.
The outcome of this workshop is to contribute to enhance their understanding, awareness and engagement on developments in the extractive and large agro-industries of these sectors and improves on informed media coverage of these sectors. It is hope that at the end of this training, the Cameroon media shall get a clear understanding of the extractive and agro-industries, what are the opportunities, challenges and perspectives and how the media could use the different standards to improve on the environmental and governance performance of these industries.
WWF is seeking a Consultant to facilitate this training. The training shall be based on the technical core aspects which shall be delivered by both in-house and outsourced expertise as well as practical case studies expected to be managed by the facilitator.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the different sessions and lead the preparation of working groups
  • Lead sessions and exchanges between participants and resource persons on how to articulate stories on sustainable development including the relationship between the extractive industries and climate change, energy use, pollution and resource depletion
  • Facilitate a dedicated session on environmental investigative reporting
  • Prepare the workshop report

Profile of Consultant:

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • At least a Master's degree in media studies, journalism, communication, political sciences, law, social sciences or any related discipline
  • At least 5 years' experience working on environmental related and natural resources issues
  • Have a good mastery of the legal, policy and institutional framework relating to mining, environment, conservation and community development.
  • Perfect mastering of French and English

Composition of Application File:

  • A cover letter indicating your interest to take up this assignment
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A technical proposal which should consist of the facilitation methodology as well
  • A financial offer indicating the unit price

How to apply?

Email your cover letter, CV and technical and financial proposals to

and copy

The email subject should read: Media Training Facilitator

Deadline for applications: 05 November, 2014. Thank you in advance for your interest in this assignment.

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