2015 Korean Government Scholarship

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Annonce Sponsorisée

The Minister of Higher Education announces to prospective and interested candidates that the Korean Government Scholarship Program is offering Post graduate Scholarship in Master's, Doctoral and Research Programs in different Korean Universities for 2015.

Based on mutual agreements between Korea and individual countries, the KGSP has allocated quotas as follows:

  • Embassy quota: 2 places for graduate courses to some 50 countries Cameroon inclusive,
  • Designated University Quotas: 4 places for graduate courses to some 6 countries Cameroon inclusive,
  • Research program quotas: approximately 20 places for Research Programs to some 26 countries Cameroon inclusive.

Applicants have to apply either through an embassy or a designated University. Applicants for Research Program have to apply via University only, and the deadlines are fixed by each receiving institution (Korean EmbassyjUniversity) but the first selections are expecteo to be done within March 2015.

Studies are to take place. in some 66 Korean Universities. Applicants who apply through Korean Embassies must choose 3 desired Universities
and those who apply through the designated Universities may choose only 1 desired University.

Duration of Scholarships

  • Master's (2015-2018) 1 year of Korean language + 2 years of Master's
  • Doctoral (2015-2019) 1 year of Korean language + 3 years of Doctoral
  • Research (2015-2016) 1 month to 1 year

If a candidate possesses a TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea) level 5 or 6, he or she is exempted from the 1 year Korean language course.

Eligibility conditions

  • Be of Cameroonian nationality,
  • Be of good mental and physical health,
  • Be under 40 years of age as of 1 September 2015,
  • Be a holder of a Bachelor's or Master's degree as of 31 August 2015,
  • Be a holder of a Master's degree or above for research applicants,
  • Have a Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) of at least 2.64 on 4.0.

Application requirements

  • Personal data (attachment),
  • Self introduction (attachment),
  • Study plan or Research Proposai (attachment),
  • Letter of Recommendation (attachment),
  • Pledge (attachment),
  • Personal Medical Assessment (attachment),
  • Certified copies of undergraduate and graduate certificates,
  • Officiai transcripts from undergraduate and graduate institutions,
  • Certificate of employment for research applicants,
  • Original Certificate of TOPIK score (if applicable),
  • Original Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS score (if applicable),
  • Published papers (if applicable),
  • Awards (if applicable),
  • Copy of passport (possible after selection),
  • Certificate of Nationality.

Candidates are required to get detailed information about the fields of study and student guideline on the GKS website at

Complete files should be deposited in 4 copies (1 original in a separate envelope + 3 photocopies)

NB. Documents not in English or Korean must be accompanied by a complete English or Korean translation authenticated by the issuing institution.

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