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Annonce Sponsorisée

The Minister of Higher Education announces to prospective and interested candidates that the Spanish government is offering a School Award Programme, "Peace and Cooperation 2015", under the theme 'Technology for Peace' to Cameroonians of both sexes. This award is organized in view of the celebration of the World Technology Day for Peace and Development (10 November) and World Telecommunication Day (17 May).

The school award programme covers the following areas:

  • Technological research and creation (from 18 to 21 years)
  • Project "Learning through Technology" (Teachers)

Interested candidates are expected to send their work to the Peace and Cooperation Head Office in Madrid before 5 July 2015 through any of the following means:

  • Videos: upload on youtube and send the link to the e-mail of peace and cooperation.
  • Powerpoint: send a CD by post
  • Send a file as an attachment by e-mail to:

    Fundacion Pazy Cooperaclon
    C/Meléndez Valdés, N°68, 4 izq
    28015 Madrid (Espana)
    Tel: (+34)915496156
    Fax (+34)915435282

There are 6 certificates to be awarded in each category and first priees of 300 Euros each.

Candidates are required to get more details on the programme from

Ail work sent by post should be in a sealed envelope bearing: the name, age at which the work was do ne, address of the training center, telephone number and or e-mail of the candidate or center.

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