Admission for the 2014/2015 Academic Year - Catholic University Institute of Buea

Études Concours  Buea, Sud-Ouest, Cameroun
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Admission for the 2014 - 2015 Academic Year is currently going on. Candidates can obtain application forms from the University ordownload a printable version here, fill and submit to the university before Friday 23rd August 2014. Successful candidates will be informed by email and/or SMS

  • Admission Procedures

    The university insists on three principles for General admission requirements; Vocational Competence, Academics and Language Competence. At the level of each school or programme, Specific admission requirements are needed.

  • Fees Analysis and Payments

    The school encourages the payment of complete fees before the start of the Academic Year. However, payment in two installments may be allowed.

  • Scholarships

    The chancellor of CUIB offers 100% tuition Scholarships for academic excellence and underprivileged candidates each year.

  • Pre-entry Programme

    Candidates who do not meet the above specific admission requirements for their prospective schools are encouraged to enrol for a Pre-entry Programme.

  • Student Transfer

    The Catholic University Institute of Buea welcomes applications from students who have attended or are currently attending other universities or Institutions of Higher education.

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