ENAM 2014: Online registration's guidelines

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1. Read the orders opening the various competitive exams and compile the corresponding application file(s):

2. Log on to ENAM website :

  • Click on “registration for competitive exams 2014
  • Carefully read the information that appears.
  • Click on the link « S’enregistrer ».
  • CAREFULLY complete the on-screen form.
  • Click on the validate button "valider".
  • Check if the information provided is correct.
  • In case of error, click on the button “modifier” and make the necessary corrections (in case of competitive exam switch, cancel the procedure and click once more on “enregistrement au concours 2014” for re-registration), otherwise...
  • Download and print your registration form, the file submission slip and the registration fee payment receipt.

3. Attach these forms and two passport-size photographs to your application file and go to the place of submission, either ENAM or the Regional Delegations of MINFOPRA for:

  • Crosschecking of your file, then…
  • Go to any BICEC Branch nationwide and pay your registration fee into ENAM Account No. 10001 06860 12265560000 49.
  • Go back to the place of submission (either ENAM or Regional Delegation of MINFOPRA) for:

Stamping of your application form by MINFI workers and purchase of a stamped envelope from CAMPOST workers.

  • Validation of your file.
  • Submission of your application file and collection of your submission slip.

4. Log on to   to consult tentative lists of candidates.


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