African Entrepreneurship Awards

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Launch of 2016 Edition : February 15

Round 1 Closes : May 6

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you have a business idea that will create jobs and improve lives in your region?

We are live with the 2nd edition of the African Entrepreneurship Award. What does that mean for you?

It means you could…

You could… if you register today and submit a business idea in the next few weeks.

Visit our Award pages to learn about the Award categories and confirm you qualify as an African entrepreneur.

Join the Journey Today…And Share this with a friend!

Your African-Award Team

Did you know?

One entrepreneur can make a difference…..Last year, a woman entrepreneur from Uganda decided to quit killing trees to fire her brick kiln. Instead, she boldly decided to invest in an unusual biogas method. Her grit won her $25,000 and put her small business on an upward trajectory. All because she didn't want to kill more trees. Your one idea can make a big difference too. Share it with us today.

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