Online Courses for Dietary Managers

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Acquire the Values, Skills and Knowledge Integral in Dietary Management with Online Courses for Dietary Managers

Practitioners in foodservice management are called as dietary managers. They are dedicated towards providing nutritional options for groups and individuals with diet concerns via management of foodservices. Dietary managers extend their practice in restaurants, long term care facilities, hospitals, correctional facilities, college and school cafeterias and other foodservice establishments. Their role is to implement meal plans designed by nutritionists or dieticians. They even play a crucial role in monitoring the work of dietician or nutrition personnel like dietary aides and cooks.

Training And Regulation Of Dietary Managers

Professional requisites of dietary managers actually vary depending upon the country and employment settings. However, the usual requirements include on-the job training & experience and some postsecondary education in therapy and nutrition care, food safety, sanitation, human resource management, and management of foodservice operations. Generally, foodservice management is not actually subject to professional regulation; however some of the employers prefer voluntary certification indeed.

Online Courses for Dietary Managers

A wide variety of universities and colleges across the globe offer online courses for dietary managers, both to professionals and students. The online courses for dietary managers provide knowledge and skills to the students on how to manage foodservice operations and nutrition in diverse care settings. The primary aim of these courses is to prepare the students to master in field of dietary management and join national professional association known as (ANFP), which actually promotes career growth through its continuing edification. Successful completion of these online courses makes the students eligible to appear in examination to be acknowledged as certified dietary managers or certified food protection professionals.

The List of Online Courses for Dietary Managers

1. Fundamentals of Nutrition Course

The dietary and nutritional needs that people generally have throughout their lifespan are the prime focus of this online course. The course comprises of several topics including, principles of modified diets, diet manuals and menu planning, nationally recognized dietary guidelines, nutrients and nutrient metabolism and environmental aspects that influence food availability.

2. Food Planning and Management Course

This online course provides knowledge to students about food preparation and different cooking methods in association to available resources in different foodservice facilities. The course comprises of menu planning, food quality, safety and sanitation, foodservice equipment management & maintenance and recipe standardization practice for specific locations.

3. Management Skills Course

It is utmost crucial for dietary managers to develop the skill sets required to plan and manage resource efficiently. Therefore, this online course is designed to educate the students to manage others in the foodservice department efficiently through policy and procedure writing, modules on meal service supervision, interdepartmental communication, food and supply purchasing, solution oriented problem solving and computer skills.

4. Nutrition Therapeutics Course

This online course focuses on covering nutritional for therapeutic settings. The course includes dietary management of diseases like, obesity, heart diseases, cancer, renal diseases and diabetes. Through this course students also get opportunity to learn the important aspects of nutritional assessment and screening.

Essential Information to Note

Dietary managers usually work with registered nutritionists or dieticians to provide nutritional guidance and manage the food operations in large child care centers, school systems, correctional facilities, nursing homes and hospitals. The online courses for dietary managers provide training to students in diverse aspects of foodservice administration and nutritional care.

The online courses generally last for 270-400 hours of study and after completing the online courses the students qualify for credentialing test to become a certified dietary manager.

Application Process

  • Fill out the contact form to develop a communication with the admission head or director
  • Print the application form and complete it with signatures
  • Submit the application to the concerned university
  • Complete the online learning test (the URL will be mailed to you at the time of submitted the application)
  • Order for textbooks and EBooks
  • Pay the tuition and examination fee online

List of Universities Offering Online Courses for Dietary Managers

Things to Keep In Mind

  • The institute should be approved by ANFP (Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals)
  • Convenient for you to get enroll online, take exams and learn with ease
  • Taught by expert and highly qualified educators
  • Ranked higher in ANFP credentialing exam pass rates

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