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Call for applications!

Impact Santé Afrique: Non-governmental organization

Title: Civil Society Organizations for data collection as part of the mapping of CSOs working in the fight against malaria in Cameroon.

Location : Cameroon

Ref. : D521/EAP/2023

I. Context

Impact Santé Afrique (ISA) is a non-governmental organization based in Cameroon, whose main objective is to help improve people's health by setting up transformative and sustainable programs (for more information, visit ).

ISA is implementing the initiative “Equitable Access in the fight against Malaria”, a civil society initiative supported by Expertise France over a 3-year period. This initiative aims to strengthen the participation of civil society and communities in the implementation of the National Malaria Control Strategic Plan in Cameroon, at all levels, by demonstrating the benefits that civil society involvement can bring. As part of this initiative, one of the most important activities is the mapping of civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the fight against malaria in Cameroon. The aim of this activity is to fill the information gap regarding CSOs, including faith-based organizations and international NGOs, working on malaria, what they do, their experience/capacity, where they work, which groups they target, their proximity to and engagement with health centers, gender approaches, and their partnerships or membership of different Taskforces.

Therefore, ISA is looking for six (06) active CSOs in the field of health capable of collecting data on the activities of civil society organization working in the fight against malaria in six regions of Cameroon: Centre, South, Adamaoua, Littoral, North-West and South-West.

II. Objectifs

The main objective of this service is to participate as data collection agents in the mapping of civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the fight against malaria in order to produce a complete directory of CSOs working in the fight against malaria in Cameroon.

Specifically, this will involve :

  • Participate in training as data collectors for the mapping of CSOs involved in the fight against malaria;
  • Correctly apply the standards and procedures for data collection;
  • Ensuring the quality of interviews conducted and the correct completion of data collection tool;
  • Participate in regular briefing and debriefing sessions per the mapping expert's schedule.
  • Comply with the work plan and deadlines set for data collection;
  • Participate in the review and validation of the data collected.
  • Write an end-of-activity report.

III. Duties and responsibilities of the investigating civil society organizations

Placed under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of Impact Santé Afrique (ISA), and working in collaboration with the Project Coordinator, the civil society organizations conducting the surveys will have the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in the training of interviewers on methodology and data collection tool;
  • Participate in the pre-test of the data collection tool;
  • Contribute to the training of other team members involved in data collection;
  • Correctly apply the methodology put in place through the data collection standards and procedures;
  • Identify and interview CSO malaria representatives;
  • Fill in the questionnaires correctly using the KoboCollect application;
  • Respect the timetable for data collection;
  • Participate in the review and validation of data collection as part of the mapping of CSOs working in the fight against malaria in Cameroon.

Main deliverables :

  1. The data collection questionnaires for the mapping of malaria CSOs are correctly completed on KoboCollect, then reviewed and validated with the supervisory teams;
  2. A database of malaria CSOs identified during the study is made available to ISA;
  3. An end-of-survey report is written and submitted to ISA.

  1. Working period

This data collection mission will take place over a period of 2 weeks during the month of January and according to the Consultant's detailed timetable.

  1. Candidate profil

The expertise required will relate to the recruitment of civil society organization interviewers whose qualifications and skills are as follows:

  • Be an active civil society organization working in the field of health;
  • Be based in one of the following regions of Cameroon: Adamaoua, Centre,

Littoral, North, North-West, South and South-West;

  • Proven experience in data collection in the health sector;
  • Good knowledge of survey applications such as KoboCollect;
  • Be dynamic and have good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to express oneself correctly in French and/or English and/or one of the local languages of one of the selected regions;
  • Familiarity with remote meeting and conferencing applications;
  • Experience of working on malaria control projects and/or programs would be a major asset;
  • Experience in the area of intervention would be an asset;
  1. Application documents
  • A motivation letter;
  • A dated and signed CV from the head of the CSO, including 3 professional references (maximum 4 pages);
  • A brief description of the activities carried out by the CSO in the areas of intervention over the last three (03) years (2 pages maximum);
  • A financial offer (1 page maximum).
  1. Evaluation of bids

The evaluation of the tenders received will be based in particular on the following criteria:

  • The CSO's membership of the CS4ME platform;
  • The experience of the CSO in carrying out missions similar to those specified in this call for applications;
  • Understanding of the expectations of the assignment;
  • The proposed financial offer.
  1. Submission of the offer

The offer including the documents mentioned in section 3 must be sent to the following address:

Subject of the email: CSO Consultant for data D521/EAP/2023

The deadline for submission is Thursday 28 December 2023 at 11:59pm (GMT+1). Offers received after this date will not be considered.

IV. Confidentiality

All information and data collected as part of this study must be treated confidentially and used only for purposes related to the study. CSO interviewers will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before the start of their mission.

Publication date: Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

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