Program Manager for Mental Health and Care Practice m/f

Recrutement Offres d'emplois  Buea, Sud-Ouest, Cameroun
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Action Against Hunger – Cameroon

Actions Against Hunger is an International Non Governmental Organiztion (NGO), apolitical, non denominated and non-profit. For our operations in Cameroon, we are looking for:



Base: Buea (south west region)

Number of positions : 1

Contract duration: 1 Year

start date: 1st of April 2021

supervised by: Field cordinator

Location : Kumba South West Region


Mission 1: To contribute to the analysis of the humanitarian context, to the intervention strategy and to the positioning of the MHCP department

The MHCP-GP programme manager is responsible:

  • For analysis of the MHCP-GP humanitarian situation and of the context of intervention in a continuous, systematic and satisfactory way in its area of intervention. Integrate this analysis and monitoring in the APRs each month
  • For participating in definition of the strategy over its area of intervention and the sectoral strategy at the national level, if requested
  • For the implementation of the assigned project consistent with AAH policies and positioning documents, the national strategy and other legal texts of the technical ministry/ministries in charge of the sector, the key international documents of the sector (SPHERE, IASC and WHO Standards, mhGAP, PM+, Thinking Healthy, etc..)
  • For mapping other actors and potential partners in the area with the aim of improving coordination and avoiding duplication of efforts
  • For promoting transversal integration of the MHCP department with the other departments in collaboration with the Field Coordinator
  • For management of crosscutting issues in the MHCP-GP responses (Protection, Gender, Disability, etc...)

Mission 2: Identify needs and contribute to project formulation

The MHCP-GP program manager is responsible:

  • The identification of humanitarian needs in SMPS in its area of ​​intervention, including the submission of related reports
  • Appropriate inclusion of target populations and local and sectoral actors in the identification of needs and response methods
  • Participate in the definition of SMPS programs
  • Contribute to the writing of the SMPS parts of project proposals

Mission 3: To ensure the implementation, monitoring and reporting of the MHCP-GP project

The MHCP-GP programme manager is responsible:

  • For implementation of the MHCP-GP project, consistent with the logical framework of the intervention, the budget, the AAH logistical and administrative procedures
  • For coordination and supervision of training and supportive activities at PHCs and hospital level, of training and supportive activities at CBOs and community level, of referral system building activities
  • For organizing workshops involving authorities, partners and communities in connection to the project
  • For identification of the technical constraints linked to implementation of his/her projects and for the proposal of innovative technical solutions to respond to its constraints
  • For implementation of the technical recommendations in his/her project (Field Coordinator, Head of Department, Technical Advisor…)
  • For monitoring of his/her project using the MHCP-GP indicators, the internal APR monitoring tools, regular presence in the field, an updated planning, monthly analysis of budgetary monitoring
  • For donor and AAH visibility on the sites of the project
  • For writing within the deadlines of the MHCP-GP parts of external and internal reports to be submitted
  • For identification and implementation of the safety measures for the teams and the populations (training places, community work sites…)

Mission 4: To contribute to the quality and accountability processes, to the evaluation of project's impact and to project's capitalization

The MHCP-GP programme manager is responsible:

  • For supervising the quality of the project implemented in line with the technical and management standards of the AAH's project cycle management
  • For promoting and contributing to the evaluation of the impact of the project (internal needs assessments and external evaluation)
  • For promoting and contributing to learning and improvement of quality (external evaluation and joint visits)
  • For implementing the complaint mechanisms focusing on the transparency and ethics of projects in particular with assisted populations
  • For contributing to AAH' communication actions (photos, testimonies, etc.)

Mission 5: To participate in external representation and coordination with AAH's partners in the area

The MHCP-GP programme manager is responsible:

  • For coordinating his/her activities with the other sectors and AAH departments for rationalized use of the resources and maximum integration
  • For participation at the request of the Country Director and the Field Coordinator to visits of donors, if needed
  • For AAH's representation to MHCP-GP working group, protection cluster, child protection and GBV sub clusters
  • For undertaking relationships with the partners (mapping, identification and selection), the authorities, the agencies of the United Nations and the NGOs in his/her sector in collaboration with the Field Coordinator
  • For the contribution to the process of selection, formalization and strengthening of the capacities of the partners (local NGO or Community-based Organization, national and private authorities, etc...)
  • For strengthening the capacities of the partners in MHCP-GP according to a joint plan and the objectives set for the project

Mission 3: To build capacities and manage his/her team

The MHCP-GP program manager is responsible:

  • For the recruitment and initial training of the team on AAH MHCP-GP ways of work and Projects Cycle Management tools
  • For the management of his/her team (leadership, motivation, team meetings, individual action plans, work schedules, conflicts, etc.)
  • For the performance evaluation of the team members
  • For the continuous development of the skills of the members of his/her team, through identification of needs, training plans and weekly clinical supervision
  • For the training on basic skills (like PFA) for others AAH departments

Mission 7: Contribute to capitalization and technical development within its sector

The MHCP-GP program manager is responsible:

    • For capitalization of the project's experience, lessons learned, programme data and documentation of the innovations carried out (learning reports, formalize methodologies, hand over report at the end of the assignment)

  • For transmission and development of the technical and operational knowledge acquired in his/her programme

  • To contribute to the feedback of information in the field to feed AAH communication

Mission 6: To guarantee and ensure the confidentiality of data collected during the project

  • Ensure data confidentiality, ownership of project beneficiaries and AAH
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of clinical interviews / individual or group counselling with the psychologists in charge as relevant


  • Master 2 in clinical psychology ;
  • At least 2 years of experience in the field of psychosocial support in a similar position;
  • Work experiences in International NGOs;
  • In-depth knowledge of AAH's MHCP-GP intervention framework;


  • Project management and budget monitoring capacities;
  • Knowledge and practices in transcultural psychology;
  • Successful experience on themes of promotion of gender equality or personal commitment;
  • Strong organizational and planning skills;
  • Excellent listening skills and empathy;
  • Flexibility and strong ability to work under pressure;
  • Ability to work in a very austere environment that is often unstable in terms of security;
  • Very good team and stress management skills;
  • Commit to respecting and applying AAH's gender policy
  • Integrate the gender approach into activities
  • Contribute to a working environment that takes into account the specificities of each other and avoid any discrimination


Commit to respect and apply AAH''s gender policy.

-Mainstream gender approach in all activities

- Contribute to a working environment that takes into account each other's specificities and avoids discrimination.


Our recruitment procedure has 3 key steps :

  • A pre-selection on the basis of the files submitted (only canidates whose skills and experience matches with the profile are selected for the test) ;
  • Oral Interview

For each step, only selected candidates are contacted.

Applications must be sent before 24th of March 2021 at 5 :30 PM.

At the attention of: Head of Human resources department, Action Against Hunger Cameroon

Only selected candidates will be selected for tests and interview.



Pour postuler à cette annonce, veuillez nous adresser votre candidature comprenant :

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • References

à l'adresse en indiquant dans l'objet du mail la référence de l'annonce EMP/AAH/03/2021/57

IMPORTANT! Toute candidature sans référence d'annonce sera pur caduque