RECRUITMENT NOTICE OF: (01) Security Assistant

Recrutement Offres d'emplois  Bamenda, Ouest, Cameroun
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RECRUITMENT NOTICE OF: (01) Security Assistant

Identification 1

Job Title:

Security Assistant

Reports to:

Security Officer

Main objective

    • To support PMs/ HOB/ Senior management to reduce the risks posed to the programs, personnel and assets of INTERSOS.
    • S/he will support the Head of Base / Head of Mission in managing all aspects of Safety and Security whilst providing advice and coordination to all INTERSOS staff, contract employees and visitors and third parties .
    • S/he will work closely with INTERSOS personnel in NOSO to ensure Safety and Security compliance, make recommendations and manage the integration of safety, security and risk management in program implementation.
  • S/he will support the implementation of INTERSOS Risk Management Procedures within the country supporting HoM and HoB with country compliance with safety and security will also minimum standards

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain an active information network, which includes INSO, NGOs, UN and other national and international security actors to obtain credible and relevant safety information. Liaison & co-ordination with Police, Security forces & other stakeholders as required.
  • Provide INTERSOS mission in NOSO mission with timely and credible security information and support context and situation analysis of the local security situation through daily incident alerts, weekly incident lists and bi-weekly analytical reports.
  • Keep an update network of Contact with NSAG, Community leaders, Elders, Village chiefs in order to ensure proper communication and monitoring of those areas.
  • In close cooperation with HoB/HoM, conducts security risk assessments and risk analysis and advice the HoM on security and safety measure and access to areas INTERSOS operates.
  • Assist INTERSOS Mission in NOSO in developing and reviewing Safety, Security Risk management plans and documents.
  • Conducting site-security surveys, drills and assisting in crisis evacuation planning. Develop security tree and operational plan for emergencies. Support on context, situational and risk analysis on assigned locations prior to deployment.
  • Based on the country Risk management policies, ensure the team is fully equipped for the mission.
  • Conduct pre-deployment trainings/briefings to all team members prior to each field mission. Carry out periodical follow –up security trainings for staff at the field level.
  • Monitor staff movement and tracking systems while maintaining operational security. Identify areas of Security Management requiring external support
  • Provide assistance to the HoB/HoM in the implementation of Cameroun NOSO risk management plan. This can include the Support in updating of the country specific risk management policies, security tree and other relevant security management tools, such as the evacuation/hibernation plan.
  • Provide substantive support to the HoB/HoM in pro-acting collecting and updating security related information, relevant to INTERSOS, general on INGOs and planned/implemented activities and clearly communicating them to the HoM and relevant program staff and Project Managers.
  • Provide assistance in the conduct and follow up of investigations and incidents affecting INTERSOS staffs and offices: help to prepare staff to prepare incident reports and forward to HoM.
  • Represent INTERSOS at security meetings including UNOCHA ACCESS GROUP, forums as appropriate and prepare report.
  • Undertake regular visits to the field areas/other locations (office, guest houses etc) covered by INTERSOS and provide support to the team on ground in meeting all required security measures. Make an assessment on the security set-up of the field offices Provide a monthly report with a concrete plan for the following month.
  • Organize security overview presentation minimum once a week for all staff working in North West Cameroun. Update SOPs with reference to precedent new and challenging incident involving similar NGO premises.


  • The ideal candidate should be university graduated in relevant field, with a minimum of 5 years of experience working as a Security Officer in a humanitarian/recovery context.
  • Should have Expertise in responding to security incidents, establishing security policy procedures, conducting security assessments, and documented results related to the position's responsibilities.
  • Should demonstrable understanding of humanitarian safety practices and principles and their application.
  • Should demonstrate strong experience, based on evidence, of humanitarian negotiation (with national authorities, local authorities, non-state actors, military forces) and humanitarian access in complex emergencies.
  • Should be willing and ready to support the field team in designing and implementing the “acceptance strategy” especially for hard to reach and remote field locations.
  • Should demonstrate previous experience with humanitarian NGO security and/or project management.
  • A seasoned manager who will manage and build the technical capacity of our security national staff. Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of local language is an asset.
  • A Collaborative person able to inspire a shared vision of security with your country teams. Ability to help focal points and management teams in learning, growing, and thriving in their resilience to safety and security issues.
  • Have a wide network of security contacts and information sources. The candidate should be able to gather information on emerging events and trends quickly and accurately.
  • Able to spot trends and keep INTERSOS country and headquarter Senior Security Advisor informed about country or regional threats and support needs.
  • To be creative, innovative and a strategic thinker.
  • Have a strong interest in creating solutions and sharing learning.
  • Computer literacy (Word, excel….)

Duty station


Send your CV and Cover letter by following this link:
Form Security Assistant Bamenda

NB: Only CV and Cover letter send through the link mentioned will be received.

Please apply no later than November 15, 2019 at 1 PM