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The Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact (CGHPI) serves countries to improve their population health and wellbeing and to safeguard against health-related threats by advancing the use of evidence and human-centered enterprise architecture on the path towards achieving equity and social justice. To achieve this mission, we catalyze the uptake, spread, and implementation of innovations; triangulate data from different sources, and tailor visualization of the information for each audience; design and implement integrated service delivery models; support communities of practice to inform policy and practice through efficient data use and horizontal and vertical collaboration; disseminate best practices and evidence globally through open source learning networks; build global, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and interprofessional networks; undertake research that is informed by local needs; and invest in local leadership to own, provide oversight, and sustain implemented interventions. Georgetown University, through CGHPI, has recently received an award from U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S. CDC) through funding from the U.S President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to support HIV response efforts in Cameroon for achievement of HIV epidemic control to implement a program titled Translating Data and Evidence into Impact (TIDE). As a result, CGHPI is recruiting for the following program implementation positions. All prospective candidates must be fluent in French and working knowledge of English. These positions will be based in Yaoundé or Bertoua. CGHPI is operating in Cameroon as Georgetown Global Health LLC (GGHC)

GGHC Office Positions

Strategic information Specialist

Reports to: SI/CQI team lead

Location: Center and East regions (2)


This position provides Direct Monitoring and Evaluation support at 1 site and technical assitance to 2- 6 sites by ensuring the completed implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities at the assigned facilities. Assignments are specific and work is reviewed upon completion by the SI/QI specialist/team lead.

Specific duties

  • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Coordinate and oversee all program reporting activities at desginated facilities
    • Maintain functional recording, reporting and data use systems at designated facilities
    • Train and mentor data associates and data clerks to improve their capacity to collect and report patient level data consistently and on time
    • Ensure all program activities are quantitatively capture and reporting and linked to expected site performance
    • Ensure that all assessment and evaluations and quantifiable and adequate linked for program monitoring and improvement
    • Troubleshoot data quality issues in all facilities
    • Using the RADET (Reporting and Audit Determintaion tool) ensure quality of data in paperbased and Electronic systems and present for clinical descision making
    • Coordinate weekly, monthly and quarterly performance dashboard review and program reporting activities in the region
    • Implement program performance metrics and program data collection strategies and tools in supported sites within the region
    • Build capacity of district and regional health delegate health information management personnel
    • Support the process of institutionalizing Data Demand and Information Use for all mentorship teams and supported facilities in the region
    • Conduct monthly mini DQA at sites
  • Quality Improvement ; In Collaboration with the CQI specialist
    • Coordinate and oversee all quality improvement activities at desginated facilities
    • Act as a content expert within the mentorship team in development of remediation interventions following SIMS and other site performance assessment exercises
    • Complete the Facility Quality assessment to demonstrate how much of processes and standards have been institutionalized at the sites and serve as a SIMS readiness assessment
  • Contributes to a team effort and accomplishes related results as required.
  • Maintains confidential information
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Personal/Profesional skills

  • Master degree in the field related to Public Health and Epidemiology, or any of the sciences or social sciences
  • Atleast 1 year experience in PEPFAR Quality Imporvement, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Has expereince using an Electronic data management systems (DAMA, EMR, etc)
  • Is an intermediate to expert user of spreadheets and data analysis packages (Excel, Access, Epi Info etc)
  • Has expereince in data analysis and use
  • Ability to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences through training, mentoring and other formal and non-formal methods
  • Sound report writing, interpersonal and facilitation skills
  • Be able to meet deadlines in a multiple tasking environments
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and to organize and prioritize competing activities
  • Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environement
  • Flexibility, patience, dedication, creativity and willingness to learn
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Follow instructions furnished in verbal or written format.
  • Must be fluent in French and working knowledge of English

Performance Evaluation

Results-Based Objectives

Activities /Specific objectives

Expected results

Maintain excellency site status by providing direct service delivery support at assigned site

Provide CQI/M&E Direct service delivery support

A minmum of 3 days spend at DSD site per week

Mentor support and supervisor data assocaites and data clerks at assigned sites

100% of supervisess have the demonstarted capacity to deliver each assigned task

Weekly and monthly reports are completed in a timely manner

100% timely weekly (Saturaday) and monthly reports

Paperbased and electronic tools are available, in use, completed and upate to date

100% complete tools availability documentation and data completeness

Electronic systems data systems are 100% up to date and issue log maintain

Data review and use practices are done and documented

100% of sites are doing structured monthly data review meeting with UPEC managemnet and facility stakeholder

100% of sites are having daily/weekly data review session for report submission

Data quality assessments are conducted to ensure data triangulation, completeness and coherence is achieved

95% Concurence rates in DQAs quarterly

Instructions for Submitting Applications

    1. All applications should be submitted electronically to
    2. Please mention in the subject line of the email the position for which you are applying.
    3. Applications should include 3 references that are familiar with applicant's work experience preferably in the last 3-5 years. References should include contact information including daytime phone and e-mail address.
    4. All applications should include a cover letter that details one's suitability for the job highlighting key functional areas, expected qualifications and experiences.
    5. Candidates should attach a 3-page CV/Resume that highlights one's key achievements in areas relevant to the job
    6. Job related stated qualifications and experience are the basic minimum requirements that each applicant must meet to be considered for interviewing.
    7. All applicants should include daytime phone contact information.

  • Deadline for application is November 11th, 2020, 5 PM Cameroon Time. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact through its local entity Georgetown Global Health Cameroon is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified persons to apply regardless of gender, ethnicity, or any other status variable