Fotabe University College (FUNIC)

Études Annuaire des établissements Institut  Buea, Sud-Ouest, Cameroun
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FUNIC is the first Leadership and Entrepreneurial Institute in the republic of Cameroon. FUNIC seeks to close the gap between education in Africa and the job market. The value of FUNIC is placed on its SCHOOL-TO-WORK (S2W) program. "S2W is an innovative one- year leadership and entrepreneurial training program, created out of a burning desire to train young people for insertion into the job market and to occupy leadership positions as entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

All students on the S2W specialize in any one of our programs. Programs available for specialization include: the HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA, THE NATIONAL VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATION, OR THE PROFESSIONAL ADVANCED DIPLOMA.


The key objective of FUNIC is to ensure that young Cameroonians of all educational levels be trained in an innovative profession to enable them live dignified lives and assist others to do same.


The vision of FUNIC is to see an African society where rare skills are found in common people and where no one is unemployed or flees home because s/he is poor.

FUNIC is the tuition center of Rome Business School MBA/ Masters programs in Cameroon.

All our MBA/ MASTERS programs are certified by ROME BUSINESS SCHOOL and programs include:

MBA with specialization in:

  • Finance
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing
  • International business


  • Master in International Human Resource Management
  • Masters in Marketing and Communications
  • Master in Project Management
  • Master in Political Marketing

FUNIC is constantly seeking ways to improve the opportunities of its graduates. FUNIC believes in training global talent. Thus, all programs offered at FUNIC have an international design.

FUNIC'S PROFESSIONAL ADVANCED DIPLOMA is a UK LEVEL 6 professional qualification which was designed to suit students with an HND OR an equivalent level 5 certificate to enroll at FUNIC and study at the Bachelor's level. This Diploma, issued by the prestigious ROME BUSINESS SCHOOL serves as a link between HND and MBA. The value of this program can be seen in the possibility of transfer of credits.

Our students earn a highly professional qualification, recognized the world over, while they study the School-to-Work program.


  • Project management
  • Logistics, supply chain and transport
  • Customer service and sales
  • Micro finance management
  • Employment, labor, and social security

All end-of-course Diplomas, transcripts, admission letters are issued by the ROME BUSINESS SCHOOL in ITALY.


Tel: 679-735-200 / 674-108-702


Malingo Street

Molyko Buea

P.O.BOX. 462

Email: ( ,(

Tel: (237)243719631 / 695934168/ 674108702



Twitter: funicrbs

Linkedin: Fotabe University College

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