Modalities and procedure for pre-registration and registration for the academic year 2012-2013 to the University of Yaounde II

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Registration begins from the 10th of September to the 15th of October 2012

The formalities for registration for every new advanced level holder must begin with the academic orientation. This is compulsory for any registration into the first year of the faculty of economics and management (FSEG) or into the faculty of laws and political science (FSJP).

The prospective candidate for registration has to present himself to the pool of orientation guidance counselors with the following documents:

  • Students results Bac/GCE AL;
  • Report card for “Terminale” or upper sixth.

After this formality the student will receive a certificate of orientation which will enable him/her to pre-register into one of the faculties of the University of Yaounde II.

Pre-registration and registration will take place at the same time in the registration hall of the faculty chosen by candidates holding the required Cameroon certificates. They are required to bring along their fees for pre-registration and registration. The file to be presented is composed of:

  • (1)- the opinion of the orientation guidance counselor indicating the faculty into which the candidate should register;
  • (2)- A certified-true copy of the birth certificate;
  • (3)- A certified-true copy of the required certificate (the originals must be presented);
  • (4)- Transcript for Baccalaureate;
  • (5)- A copy of probatoire;
  • (6)- Four (4) passport-size photos not more than three (3)months old;
  • (7)- An application for admission into the university of Yaounde II duly filled and signed by the candidate (form to be provided by the faculty);
  • (8)- the photocopies of the receipts of the payment of the medical dues, the pre-registration and the university fees (the originals have to be presented at the time of depositing of the file);
  • (9)- A medical certificate delivered by the socio medical center of the University of Yaounde II /delivered by the Mobil medical team sent to the registration hall of the faculty of choice;
  • (10)-The authorization to register comprising the matriculation number, prospective candidates holding foreign certificates must present documents 1-6 as well as an attestation of equivalence delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education and must also pay the pre-registration fees-They must present themselves at the registration hall of the faculty of their choice in order to obtain the authorization to pay the fees.


  • (1)- Reception and orientation and withdrawal of the two documents: (a) certificate of orientation carrying the date on which the candidate has to present himself/herself at the registration hall of the chosen faculty, (b) information form on pre-registration/ registration;
  • (2)- Presentation of the pre-registration file at the registration hall of the faculty chosen, taking of the authorization to register carrying the matriculation number and the three forms attesting to the payment of the required dues(registration, medical and university fees);
  • (3)- Paying into the bank of the required fees and receiving the corresponding receipts;
  • (4)- Medical consultation in the hall by the staff sent there and receiving the corresponding medical certificate;
  • (5)- Presentation of the complete file and receiving of the application for admission form;
  • (6)- Filing in of the complete file, receiving of the student identification card and of the school attendance certificate or the attestation of tentative registration.

NB: Registration shall take place in the registration hall of each faculty and on appointment and following the order issued by the officials receiving the students.

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