Research Position in Plant Breeding at International Rice Research Institute in Philippines

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Research Position in Plant Breeding for Developing Countries Students at International Rice Research Institute in Philippines 2012


Study Subject(s): Plant Breeding

Course Level: Research

Scholarship Provider: IRRI

Scholarship can be taken at: Philippines



  • BS in Plant Breeding, Agronomy, Biology and other related fields
  • At least one year relevant experience preferably in the field
  • Background in Agronomy, Biology and Crop Protection, experience in data collection and analysis


Scholarship Open for International Students: Students of Developing Countries can apply for this scholarship.


Scholarship Description:

The successful candidate will assist in the evaluation of rice grains for micronutrient content using X-ray Flourescence Spectrometer (XRF) or other available advanced molecular technology tools. She/he assists in conduct of phenotypic evaluation of advanced progenies, seed inventory and tracking. She/he coordinates data collection and management for both genotypic and phenotypic analysis.


Roles and responsibilities

  • Prepare samples for the analysis of iron and zinc content in rice grains
  • Assist in evaluating micronutrient content in rice using X-ray Flourescence Spectrometer (XRF) machine
  • Conduct molecular genotyping and phenotyping for high zinc rice materials and assist in doing crosses to develop advanced backcross generations
  • Maintain seed inventory file for proper seed filling and for keeping track of seeds being used and being kept
  • Perform all other related duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Supervisor


How to Apply: Online


Scholarship Application Deadline: Do submit your applications till 11/22/2012

Further Scholarship Information and Application