2013 IRO Doctoral Scholarship for Developing Countries Students in Belgium

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University of Leuven offers Doctoral Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries in Belgium 2013

Study Subject(s): New applicants are now provided two alternatives: either by selecting amongst the faculty research topics offered by the doctoral schools (Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Engineering and Technology (Arenberg doctoral school) and Biomedical Sciences) or by submitting their own personal research proposal.
Course Level: This scholarship is available for pursuing PhD degree level.
Scholarship Provider: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Scholarship can be taken at: Belgium


The applicant must be a citizen of a developing country recognised on the list of the Flemish Interuniversity Council for University Development Cooperation. Citizens of Eastern European countries and former Russian republics are not eligible. In addition, it must be financially impossible for the applicant or his or her family to pay for studies abroad.

  • The age limit is 35 years of age. Priority is given to young students under 30 years of age.
  • The applicant must demonstrate having achieved excellent academic results.
  • The applicant must also demonstrate one’s “embedness in the South” by submitting the certificate of professional engagement, signed by a person or an institution confirming that, after the doctoral studies, he or she will be accepted for a specific position or job in one’s country of origin or in another developing country.
  • Women are encouraged to apply for the doctoral scholarship. With all things being equal in terms of academic background, evaluation and ranking by the faculty and the IRO Council with regard to two or more applicants considered for the scholarship, preference would be given to the female candidate.

Scholarship Open for International Students: The student of developing countries can apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship Description:

As one of its contributions to development co-operation, KU Leuven offers each academic year scholarships to deserving students from developing countries to do their PhD in the largest university in Flanders, Belgium. Also commonly referred to as the IRO scholarships (IRO in Dutch stands for Interfacultaire Raad voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking), this scholarship programme has supported more than sixty Ph.D. graduates over the past five years. After obtaining their doctorates at KU Leuven, these Ph.D. holders are now valorising their degrees in their home countries either in university academic research or in various sectors of industry. New applicants are now provided two alternatives: either by selecting amongst the faculty research topics offered by the doctoral schools or by submitting their own personal research proposal.

Duration of award(s): The maximum period for which you may be awarded a scholarship is thus 5 years: 1 pre-doctoral year and 4 doctoral years.

What does it cover? The scholarship offers € 1,383/month. The monthly scholarship allowance for a partner will be cancelled if his or her annual income in Belgium exceeds € 4,165.

Notification: April-May 2013: The International Admissions and Mobility Unit of KU Leuven will prepare and send the official admission letters and scholarship attestations to the selected candidates.

How to Apply: The mode of applying online.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Do submit your applications till 15th January 2013.

Further Scholarship Information and Application