Jean Monnet Postdoctoral Fellowships

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The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) offers one or two year fellowships to post-docs in an early stage of their academic career.

The main criteria of selection are the CV of the applicant, the overall scientific quality of the proposal, and the fit of the proposal with the Centre's research programme.

Priority will be given to proposals that fit well with one or more of the Centre's core research themes

  • European Institutions, Governance and Democracy 
  • Migration 
  • Economic and Monetary Policy
  • Competition Policy and Market Regulation 
  • Energy Policy and Climate Policy 
  • Global Governance
  • International and Transnational Relations of the EU  

Of these fellowships, up to 10 are offered as Global Governance Fellowships and affiliated to the RSCAS’ Global Governance Programme. Applicants should apply with a clear reference to one of the GGP’s Research Strands (Climate Governance, Cultural Pluralism, Development, Global Economics, International Trade Observatory, Modes of Global Governance). The GGP this year will assign up to 2 fellowships to EU-Asia relations. Applications are invited on any aspect of the EU-Asia relations that relates also to one of the Research Strands of the Programme.

Two of the fellowships are awarded to candidates working on European Comparative Politics or European Comparative History as ‘Vincent Wright Fellowships’, in memory of the distinguished political scientist, Vincent Wright. 

While at the RSCAS, each fellow is assigned a professorial mentor. Fellows work on a selected topic that fits with the research profile of the RSCAS and they are expected to participate actively in the research activities of the Centre, to participate in and contribute to the bi-weekly RSCAS Seminar and to contribute to the activities of the research area with which they are affiliated. In addition, their stay at the Centre should result in the publication of either a RSCAS working paper or a publication in a scientific journal or with an appropriate publishing house.

The annual deadline for applications is 25 October .

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