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The objective of the programme is to provide a large degree of autonomy in the use of public health methods and the transmission of this knowledge in professional life. Fundamentals of computer science are acquired at the beginning of the course. Both basic and advanced methods in statistics and epidemiology are developed through lectures and practice. Integration with other methods is illustrated in various fields : operational research, health planning, health services research, health strategies, demography and management. Participants are trained to communicate the acquired knowledge to their colleagues, through audiovisual and computer aids.

The course is open to public health executives medical doctors directed towards epidemiology, health statisticians and research workers in the biomedical sector.


The programme comprises 60 ECTS (or 462 hours of lectures, seminars & practice).
Two optional modules of 10 ECTS each are also available.

  • Statistical Methods (10 ECTS)
    Basic statistics - Multivarate statistics applied to Public Health - Demography
  • Epidemiological Methods (12 ECTS)
    Epidemiological methods - Clinical epidemiology - Heath information systems - Contextual factors in public health
  • Planning, Management & Organisation of Health Systems and Services (18 ECTS)
    Operational research and health planning - Health services strategies and evaluation - Principles of Management - Human Ressource management - Health systems management - Hospital management
  • Qualitative Methods (4 ECTS)
  • Integration of Statistical and Epidemiological Methods (16 ECTS)
    Statistical software - Seminars in statistics and epidemiology - Master's thesis
  • Communication & Information in Public Health (10 ECTS - optional)
    Written and oral communication - Audiovisual communication - Internet
  • Advanced Methods (10 ECTS - optional)
    Advanced biostatistics - Advanced epidemiology - Evidence based medicine - Screening tests - Perinatal screening


Master degree from a full 5-years university programme.

Scholarships available : 12

Duration of the course : 1 year (starting last week of September 2013)

Language of the course : English

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L'Université Libre de Bruxelles :
Lecturer in charge : Prof. Filomena VALENTE

L'Université de Mons :
Lecturer in charge : Prof. Kathy HUET

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