Accounting and Finance Supervisor (Nationalité Tchadienne exigée)

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Basic functions

  • To provide relevant support to the business line management so as to meet and exceed objectives through a sound financial and accounting management
  • Ensure that processes and procedures are carried out effectively and efficiently so as to meet business needs, and/or to comply with IFRS standards, risk management and tax regulation
  • Review on a regular basis the processes and procedures for a best fit with regard to the local regulation and/or IFRS standards
  • Provide accurate, timely and complete management information in order to ensure that the company complies with the requirements, operates within agreed budgets, meets financial targets

Principal accountabilities

  • Financial management

Develop, evaluate and implement processes and procedures so as to provide the management in due course, with the info which is critical for strategic decision making. Monitor these processes constantly in order to ensure that they are relevant to the business requirements, meet IFRS standards, internal reporting guidelines, external reporting and any other requirements; and that they are effective and efficient. Ensure that annual statutory and compliance audits are performed by due dates.

  • -Corporate risk management

Establish and continuously evaluate the risk management and advise the management accordingly.

  • Internal Controls

Implement sound internal control processes in order to mitigate any business disruption and moreover, to protect the company assets. Provide guidance to management in the interpretation and implementation of control procedures.

  • Working capital

Implement and monitor the cash flow management through sound inventory, payment terms and any other transactions influencing the working capital. Provide management with accurate, timely and complete reports for decision making with regard to the company's overall working capital management.

  • Accounting

Ensure that accounting transactions are recorded timely, accurately and in line with the local regulation along with international standards. 

  • People

Develop, coach, and energize the team under his/her supervision so as to enhance its motivation and hence, its commitment to achieving and exceeding targets. Explore opportunities for career development of his/her collaborators.

  • Operating expenses 

Constantly monitor both department and overall Operating expenses to ensure that the company operates within agreed budgets. Periodically review performance against planned targets and provide management and business lines with accurate and timely performance reports, variances analysis.

  • Business plans

Contribute to the buildup of the strategic business plan of the company, in line with corporate guidance. In particular, carry out market intelligence research so as to provide management with key business indicators/trends that are critical for a sound business plan. Provide management with timely performance monitoring reports and variance analysis. 


  • Position opened to Chadian citizens only
  • A minimum of bachelor level degree in Accounting and Finances fields or equivalent, with at least 3 years experience in Financial and Accounting Management in the commercial sector or acquired from a reputable private company, at management level
  • Strong ethics and integrity
  • Strong leadership skills 
  • Very concern for accuracy/attention to details
  • Persuasion & influence skills
  • Effective communication
  • Strong experience in income statement analysis
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong capacity to work under pressure
  • Availability
  • French and English literacy (spoken and written)
  • Familiar with international Accounting & Finances standards
  • Strong ability to effectively lead multi-functional and multicultural teams.
  • Teamwork and effective communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to identify areas of concern and lead in development of solutions/mitigations
  • Analytical thinking

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