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The GAS & PROJECT Head Of Division is responsible of Implement within the Sub Direction, short, mid and long terms HFO, LFO & Lubes management strategies. Also in charge of ensuring effective implementation of management of Gas, Logistic & Project and to conduct audits in order to ensure compliance with procedures related to Gas and Logistic management as well as performance appraisal of suppliers/contractors in charge of project execution. He has to integrate HSE in daily activities also.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Participate to monthly forum, conduct work site visits and report QER
  • Implement strategy, procedures, risk assessment and crisis management related to Gaz chain of supply
  • Ensure zero rupture of Gaz while maintaining stock level aligned with gaz inventory management policy when defined
  • Ensure implementation and optimisation of management of Gaz, HFO, LFO & Lubes
  • Assess performance apraisal of suppliers/contractors in charge of realisation of projects
  • Conduct audit and assessment of compliance with procedures, policies and requirements related to Gaz & Project management
  • Implement improvement actions of Logistic necessary to efficient management of Gaz & Projects
  • Prepare, compile and issue audit reports including correctives actions


  • Four years of high school or vocational school required
  • Five to seven years Experience

Closing Date: December 02th 2012

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