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A company specialised in sourcing, processing, packaging and merchandising of coffee, cocoa and rice recruit a TRAINEE & ASSISTANT AGRONOMIST

Main Objective: To assist and ensure the implementation of the agronomy policies and programmes for the entire Palm Division at their home base, and up to date and relevant agronomy practices are adopted, in coordination with the Senior Agronomist and Global Head of Plantation (GHP).

Specific Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Assist the senior agronomist to make sure the plantations implement the prescribed agronomy policies and standard operating procedure (SOP) for the plantation, and regularly obtain feedback in order to help update the recommendations in the policies & SOPs;
  • Carry out various field audit exercises on a daily basis to ensure good agricultural practices are implemented accordingly;
  • Regularly coordinate with RSPO/Sustainability Department to ensure good environmental standards are followed and maintained and in consultation with the senior agronomist and GHP;
  • Help the senior agronomist to monitor and ensure the Company?s computer database on field history, production statistics and all related agronomic data are updated regularly by the Estate and Agronomy department;
  • Assist the senior agronomist to regularly obtain and analyze the above database to reveal both the short and long term potential yield gaps, quality discrepancy of key operations and the adopted practices cost effectiveness;
  • To continuously support and assist the senior agronomist in close consultation with the estate management with regard to appropriate research programme and trials with 3rd parties in the selection of best planting materials and to introduce any new Best Demonstrated Agronomic Practices in a cost efficient manner;
  • Assist the senior agronomist to coordinate with the Mill and Estate to ensure that all the by- products are utilized properly and follow up to ensure the application is efficiently and effectively carried out in the desired areas in an effort to derive maximum benefits;
  • Assist in overseeing and managing any agronomic trial blocks in respect of planting material evaluation, optimum fertilizer rates for different growing environment and appropriate application techniques, and other agronomic practices in association with the 3rd parties/research station and the estate management;
  • To assist and supervise the leaf and soil sampling exercises are carried out in accordance with the standard methodologies as determine by the senior agronomist for efficient fertilizer recommendations;
  • Help to prepare the progress and evaluate the various best agronomic practices as set out by the Agronomy Department in the plantation including the best nursery practices.
  • To assist the senior agronomist to ensure that holistic adoption and implementation of the agronomic programme by the individual estates as approved by Palm Division, through regular field agronomic audit visits, summary of reports and continuous monitoring of key operation progress and standard e.g. nursery practices, fertilizer application and harvesting efficiency;
  • Analyze all field observation audit exercises, feedbacks and agronomy data, and investigate exceptions and recommend actions to rectify/ correct deficiencies/ shortfalls for the respective Estate implementation within agreed time frame in consultation with the senior agronomist and GHP;
  • Maintain a good working relationship and rapport with plantation employees of all levels to ensure that the best agro-management practices are adopted effectively and able to achieve the desired best results.
  • Ensure that all the prescribed field audit exercises are implemented correctly and accordingly; and
  • Help the senior agronomist in the Agronomy Department in an efficient manner to ensure the proper development of this department in the plantation and recruitment of additional suitable staff for various field works.
  • Assist the senior agronomist to conduct proper training of the palm Division personnel with recent updated policies and the latest agronomy practices, and also to facilitate continuous learning environment for their development.

Skills & Experience requiered:

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree preferably in Agronomy or Soil Science or a science degree in botany and biology or high school graduate from agricultural colleges with some experience in plantation management or agricultural research.
  • Fresh graduates with no experience are encouraged as proper training will be given accordingly.
  • Candidates with few years experience in the various plantations on oil palm, rubber, coconut, cocoa and coffee will be an added advantage.

Closing date: 23/05/2013

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