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Réf. : 000701
Filière : Sécurité & Environnement
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A company specialised in sourcing, processing, packaging and merchandising of coffee, cocoa and rice recruit : A SAFETY SUPERVISOR

OVERALL OBJECTIVE: To oversee all the Safety related aspects of the activities during the Construction of the Wheat Flour Mill; and have the ability to take over the role in operational phase of the Wheat Flour Mill.

Construction Safety:

  • Ensure institution and sustainable implementation of Work order Systems.
  • Ensure creation of awareness of usage of appropriate safety equipment during the execution of works.
  • Ensure correct barricading of areas during the course of execution of height, excavation and all other high risk works.
  • Ensure electrical safety during the course of excavation works.
  • Ensure proper house-keeping in all areas of construction work sites.
  • Ensure compliance of all electrical safety aspects during the course of temporary supply arrangements during construction works.
  • Ensure frequent site inspections to identify any bad safety conditions and practises and institute corrective actions.
  • Ensure institution of recording and data collation of all near miss incidents/accidents.
  • Ensure usage of standard methods / Equipments during the course of construction.
  • Ensure Standard Operating Procedures availability/display in all work areas.
  • Institute a culture of shop floor talks covering safety compliance prior to commencement of works.
  • Ensure display of Material Safety Data Sheets where ever appropriate and ensure preventive actions there on required.
  • Ensure usage of Appropriate Safety Material in all work activities and also its availability in Project Stores for any eventuality.
  • Ensure disposal of waste items in appropriate designated places without causing any External/Internal Environmental Impact.

Hygiene Health and Safety:

  • Ensure the Health and Safety of all subordinates within the Company guidelines and current legislation.
  • Ensure all operatives are aware of the correct codes of practice, both statutory and advisory, that govern accepted standards of safe operation at all premises.
  • In conjunction with Technical Manager ensure all process machinery is cleaned and maintained to a defined schedule which meets food safety and EFSIS requirements.
  • Ensure all food safety and operating procedures are undertaken as defined in EFSIS procedures for warehouse and packing.
  • Employ a clean as you go policy
  • Ensure all forklifts are operated safely within company guidelines and current legislation.
  • Ensurance of all Security Systems in place in Project Premises.


  • Ensure external contractors are managed in a cost-effective manner for cleaning, refuse disposal and other routine services.
  • Encourage good communication through the plant workplace, through Team Briefing, formal and informal discussions.
  • All supervisors are expected to exhibit a flexible approach to working and the performance of other supervisory tasks may be required for the well being and advancement of the business


  • He/She should be with a Diploma/Certificate Holder in Safety Management in addition to a qualification of Mechanical/Electrical Diploma of Engineering.
  • He/She should be having a minimum of 3 to 5 years of Industrial Experience mainly from process Industries.
  • He/She should be conversant of using MS Office packages, MS Project software packages.
  • He/She should be having a minimum experience of one or two project related Supervision activities in the field of safety.
  • He/She should have a proficiency of Written/Spoken languages in English or French. Proficiency in both the languages would be treated as an advantage.

Closing date: 23/05/2013

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