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The Minister of Higher Education hereby announces to the general public and to students wishing to study in Madagascar that the official procedure to enter Madagascar is as follows:

1 - Obtain a departure visa

The request is delivered by the visa services of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Madagascar on presentation of the following documents :

  • An application addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Madagascar signed by
    the applicant or hisjher representative ;
  • Copy of an acceptance letter from applicants University.
  • Copy of Bac Certificate and transcript ;
  • Certificate signed by at least one parent to indicate their financial support and
    Legalised by competent authorities ;
  • Certificate from a person in Madagascar to host the candidate;
  • Copy of passport not less them 6 months old ;
  • Copy of non-conviction not less than 6 months old.

An "accord d'embarquement" will be sent by fax or email to the applicant.

2 - Arrivai at the airport

Presentation of the "accord d'embarquement" to the air and frontier police who will give 72 hours or 3 days stay (non-payable).

3- Obtain a visa transforming short stay ta long stay

Presentation of original documents and passport to the visa services of the Foreign Affairs Ministry for the establis~.ment of a visa for one month (students pay 70.000 Av).

With this one month visa, the student can go to their University.

4 - Obtain visa of long stay and a resident card

Within 30 days, before expiration of one month visa, student should apply to the immigration-emigration office of the Ministry of Interior using the same list of documents. A "recepissé" will be issued to enable the student move freely for two months until the visa for a long stay comes out.

The following Cameroonian students are authorised by the government of Madagascar to help other students with the procedure:

TENE NGUTEH Boris André M.B. Université de Mahajanga Mahajanga
KUINTCHE MUKEM Jislain Lee Université de Mahajanga Mahajanga
KENFACK DOUGUE Hervé ISPM Antananarivo
TOUKEP W. Eliane Université de Mahajanga Mahajanga
NGOUMTSA Dovy Brice Ecole des Arts et Prothèse dentaire Mahajanga
FONGANG Yvan Faculté de Médecine Antananarivo

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