FSMP Postdoctoral Programs for French and International Applicants in France, 2014/15

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Postdoctoral Programs

The Foundation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris offers 18 years of post-doctoral positions in mathematics and in computer science. These positions are for one or two year and are to be filled as from 1st October 2014, in the research laboratories affiliated to the Foundation.

Click here to download the poster of this year's call for applications

Eligibility criteria

Positions are open to holders of a doctorate in mathematics or computer science, obtained in France or in a foreign country before October 1st, 2014 and defended after October, 1st 2009 (October 1st 2008 in case of maternity leave). Those who defended their doctorate in one of the affiliated laboratories cannot apply. Offers are not theme-based, and all mathematical disciplines are welcome. The selection will be based on excellence in scientific accomplishment and the quality of the scientific project.

A quota of positions "interactions of mathematics" will be reserved for candidates working on the interactions between mathematics and other scientific areas (among which oceanography, biology and risk studies) or mathematics and industry. 

Work contract conditions of the recruited post-docs

Each post-doctoral fellow will receive a net salary of € 2,500.00 per month and thus benefit from health insurance and social coverage.

(S)he will participate in the scientific activities of his/herlaboratory, in particular in seminars and working groups.

At the end of his/her tenure, each of the selected candidates will write a report on his/her scientific accomplishment, comparing it to his/her initial project, and describing his/her subsequent objectives. For the two-year positions, the concerned candidate will also write a report at the end of the first year and explain the reasons for the renewal of his/her contract.

On-line registration via the Foundation’s Web site

 If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please register on-line, fill in the form and upload each of the documents listed below as a PDF file.

  1. a curriculum vitae;
  2. the list of publications;
  3. the proposed scientific project (around two pages).

The candidates also have to request each of the following documents to the relevant people who will upload it via this Web site (A direct link will be sent via email to the relevant people):

4- two detailed letters of recommendation by scientists not belonging to the laboratories of the Foundation, describing the candidate's mathematical work; 

5- a detailed letter of support from your scientist/tutor at the host institution; this letter will have to justify how the applicant's scientific project fits in the host's project) ;

6- a letter from the thesis adviser. 

How to transmit your application

In order to be considered, your full application needs to be registered and completed on-line via this Web site before on December 01 st, 2013 (23h59 Paris Time).

Selection procedure

The selection will be performed by a joint group consisting of the Steering Committee and theScientific Council of the Foundation.

Notification of results

We will inform you as soon as posible. 

Contact Information

For further information, please send a message to: postdoc -at- "Post-doc Campaign for 2014-2015". 

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