Catholic University of Cameroon CATUC, Bamenda

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The Catholic University of Cameroon CATUC, Bamenda was founded in the name of the Catholic Church by the bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda as a national institution of learning. Given its origins and the historic role of its ecclesiastical faculties, this university has a responsibility to the Church in Cameroon: It is called to be an intellectual center of highest quality, where the relation between revealed truth and human truth can be examined in depth and with authority against the background of the Cameroon experience. 
The Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda became fully operatonal in October 2011 and is now a community of scholars, both faculty and students, seeking to discover, preserve and impart the Truth in all its forms, with particular reference to the needs and opportunities of the Cameroon nation.


Programs Offered

The following programs are offered in this faculty  

Undergraduate Programs

BSc.  Accounting

BSc.  Banking & Finance

BSc.  Economics

BSc.  Management Sciences

BSc.  Marketing

Graduate Programmes

MBA  Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD).

MBA  Project Management, Design and Implementation (PMDI).

MBA  Banking, Tax Administration and Financial Services (BFS).


The programs offered in this Faculty are : 

Undergraduate Programs   

BSc.  Anthropology

BSc.  Geography and Environmental Studies

BA    History

BA    English

BA    Philosophy

Graduate Programmes

MSc. Anthropology

PhD    Anthropology

Faculty of Science

Programs and Courses offered in this faculty include :

Short Programs

School of Health Sciences’ Preparatory Program

Undergraduate Programs

BSc. Biochemistry

BSc. Botany

BSc. Chemistry

BSc. Computer Sciences

BSc. Environmental Sciences

BSc. Geology

BSc. Mathematics

BSc. Microbiology

BSc. Physics

BSc. Zoology

School of Engineering (SENG)

Organization and Specializations
SENG is organized into four  departments. These departments award the following Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at the end of the four years program with a lot of different specialization:

Department of Agricultural, Civil and Environmental Engineering

B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering

B.Eng Civil Engineering  with the following specializations

1.  B. Eng. Structural Engineering
2.  B. Eng. Transportation Engineering
3.  B. Eng. Urban Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

B.Eng. Electrical Engineering with the following specializations:

1.  B. Eng. Electronic Engineering
2.  B. Eng. Control Systems Engineering
3.  B. Eng. Electric Power Systems
4.  B. Eng. Telecommunications

Department of Mechanical Engineering

B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering with the following specializations :

1.   B. Eng. Automobile Engineering
2.  B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
3.  B. Eng. Industrial Processes

Department of Chemical and Petroleum 

B. Eng. Chemical Engineering

B. Eng. Petroleum and Gas Engineering

School of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS)

Admissions into the School of Health Sciences
Just as in admissions into the other schools of CATUC, prospective candidates for the departments in the school of Health Sciences are required to take and pass the competitive exam for the desired field or department in the school. Students are expected to first meet up with the general University Entry Requirements before considering their options.

Competitive Entrance Examinations Requirements
The entrance requirements depend on the specialization you choose. You can click on the various specializations offered in this school to know more (such as the specific program requirement) about the branch chosen.

The areas of specialization offered in this school include :

MD Medicine - Kumbo Campus

Pharm. D. Pharmacy - Kumbo Campus

BMLS Medical Laboratory Sciences - Kumbo Campus

BNS Nursing - Kumbo Campus

Graduate Programmes in the school of Health Sciences (Bamenda campus)

MSc. Health Economics, Policy and Management (DHEPM) - Bamenda Campus

Ph.D Health Economics, Policy and Management (DHEPM) - Bamenda Campus

School of Tropical Agriculture & Natural Resources (STANR)

We offer the following Specializations in STANR

BSc. Agricultural Management Systems

BSc. Animal Sciences

BSc. Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

BSc. Nutrition, Food Sciences and Technology

BSc. Agronomy (Crop and Soil Sciences)

BSc. Natural Resource Management

BSc. Agro Business, Extension and Rural Sociology

BSc. Agricultural Biology

BSc. Agricultural Engineering

For now all contacts to us using electronic mails are done through Click here to write to us now.

Other contacts can be done through the following postal address or phone numbers :

CATUC Secretariat
Big Mankon, Bamenda
P.O. Box 782 Mankon
Phone Numbers: (237) 3307 2942, (237) 77378494 , (237) 77841138


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